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I want to let you know about a new sponsor to the EOS family, and this one is particularly special to me.  My long time friend Kate’s mother Dixie has been designing incredible events for over twenty years all over the country, but mostly in the New England and New York areas.  As a “would-be” event planner (given the time), I am so interested in and appreciate the finer details of event planning– particularly weddings! Take a gander at the Party Resources website and these pictures below and consider them for your next event if you are after attention to detail, experienced expertise and flawless (and tireless) service!

Picture 16

Picture 15

Picture 14

Picture 1 Picture 12

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Picture 7 Picture 10

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  1. Beautiful! Brings back fond memories of my event planning days. I miss the wow factor and the actual impact of the event but I don’t miss the long nights and stress.

  2. All of it is breathtaking, but I’m DYING over the green and white striped table clothes and bow tie. Oh! and candle-lined path through the field–perfect.

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