1. Yuck. I can tell right now that she’s a bizarre control freak. Notice how all her lawn furniture is angled perfectly and lined up like soldiers. She probably forces her staff to keep it all organized and perfect. Yuck.

  2. Wait- is that everything? Including the main residence?? I thought that building was the pool house…

  3. Although it does seem over the top, is it needed to be mean, cutting, and hateful? Maybe the issue one should be looking at is not what KIND of home she built with $20 million dollars but that $20 million dollars would ever be spent on building a home at all.

    Just something to think about.

  4. Without the ‘lazy river’, I think that the house itself looks gorgeous. Though I’m not a Celine fan, I would think that it’s impossible for her to take her kid to a waterpark without creating a huge spectacle. I understand the motivation – so her kid and his friends can have fun without being surrounded by security or having hundreds of creepers make their day suck.

    If I had the money, I’d probably opt for a diving pool instead: I could go down a waterslide only so many times before it became tiresome but diving was always fun.

  5. Okay, I have to confess I do love me some Celine, but Oh. My. Jesus. THAT IS PROBABLY THE MOST FOWL THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. Love your blog, its a daily read without a doubt.

  6. really!? who is swimming so much that they need their pool to be a venetian canal? and you’d think with 20mill they’d have better landscaping!

  7. No log flume??!

    Best part of the article: “According to reports in the States, Celine angered her local community when she used up all the fresh water supply on the island [for the pools], which led to a drought and water restrictions in the area.”

  8. I’m with Heidi. It has to be all for her son/kids on the way. While I’m sure the is a better way to execute something like this, it looks like one hell of a good time.

  9. perhaps i watch too much reality tv, but the first thing i thought about after reading the title of this post was luann de lesseps’ single “money can’t buy you class”. i think sentiment of the song stands in celine’s case.

  10. I saw this and had mixed emotions. I mean, it’s her property to do whatever she wants with, but at the same token, that whole getup seems to be a bit of an eyesore. I read a quote from the neighbor saying something like this project has basically taken up all of her landscaping….which IMO, seems sort of a pity, but at least her kid will be happy. Hope he doesn’t tire of water parks anytime soon!

  11. That is so ridiculous, it’s not even funny. I mean yeah waterparks are fun like ONCE a summer, but does anyone love them so much they get their own? The only benefit I see is that it fulfills the childhood fantasy of watching Richie Rich and wanting his life.

  12. Come on folks…even with the kid angle it is hard to justify this (both cost and taste). Why not build a 10 million dollar mansion, take 5 and build a sweet community center for some deserving neighborhood and the other 5 can be used to rent out an entire water park a couple times a summer for the kids. Or better still…take 100K give it to Erin so she can act as a taste consultant! Love the blog!

  13. My biggest issue with it is the waste of water. I want to be nice and suggest that she has some sort of water saving devices on site. Rain water catcher, grey water reclamation, something?

    It doesn’t bother me that it’s not my style because I don’t have to look at it, she does.

  14. Yikes! Who has time to even use all that pool. Man you could totally pee in it an never get caught though. Ha ha ha!

  15. You would think that many people dealing with that much money – someone should have the taste and sense to tell her what an awful idea it all was!

  16. Okay, while I wouldn’t put in the water park (it seems like something that kids would tire of in a few years), I can understand that it’s unique and they obviously love water. I don’t get the pool in front AND in back. How many people do they have swimming at one time? But hey, whatever, I guess.

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