Brimfield: The Pro Shots

My pal (and fab photographer) Sarah Winchester came with me to Brimfield (her first time) and took some fantastic shots with her deliciously sharp camera lens. Check ’em out!

Shoppers and Vendors (Sarah uses the same foxed 50mm lens The Sartorialist uses and I now NEED one!)

Brimfield_Dogs&People5 Brimfield_Dogs&People7

This was a very unique piece with a very big price tag.

Brimfield_July2010-1 Brimfield_July2010-2

My great grandparents, grandparents and parents all lived in Willimantic, CT and so this piece was pretty special to find. But yet again, out of my budget.


Brimfield_July2010-4 Brimfield_July2010-7a

These pristine condition vintage suitcases were props for the movie “Around the World in 80 Days”!


How amazing would this be in a restaurant?


I loved this little corner chair, so sweet in a bathroom.  And this paper roll holder/cutter would be ridiculous in a Martha-esque wrapping room!

Brimfield_July2010-10a Brimfield_July2010-11

Lucite handled tableware. Blinded by the yumminess.


Also mad for this silverware set in a red/ hot pink case. They were gold with wood handles and oh-so-amazing!

Brimfield_July2010-15 Brimfield_July2010-23


More glove molds. I love them (and this shot!)


Mushroom/fungus sculptures!

Brimfield_July2010-21 Brimfield_July2010-22

I think Eddie Ross would have snapped these up for a great table setting!

Brimfield_July2010-26 A wood artifact becomes a table lamp.  The interior boning of this drop dead gorgeous canoe captivated us!

Brimfield_July2010-20 Brimfield_July2010-9a

Jewels and glasses to decorate yourself!

Brimfield_July2010-31 Brimfield_July2010-27

Oh hello sequin disco boots. I could use you for my 31st birthday party coming up- we’re going to see this show and boogie down!


I’ve been frantically working on styling a shoot for Boston Magazine Home which goes down TODAY! once it’s over I’ll shoot pics of my Brinfield finds!

Wish me luck!


  1. These are wonderful pictures…can’t believe you both braved that heat! No, I couldn’t face it. But I understand many of the dealers were very very happy with sales…yes?

  2. Funny story. I first found your blog when googling Brimfield for extra unknown information. It brought me to your 5/08 posting and there was a picture of the green mirror I bought at Brimfield in 2009 and now hangs in my livingroom. Small world!

    I missed the July show but went twice in May. I was afraid of the heat and good thing!!!

  3. WOW, Erin, just read both your Brimfield posts … 6 hours straight at the July fair? You deserve a purple heart – along with those chests :) I’ve done several Brimfield Fairs, but always found the July show to be way too hot and dusty to concentrate on all the fabulous stuff. And there is SO much of it, it’s easy to see why it’s a multi-day event. I have to agree with you though, much of the fair has become greatly overpriced, but it’s still fun to walk around and discover all the wares, especially the truly unique and wacky collections. Thanks for the posts and the awesome photos – that shot of the glove molds, cropped from the top, would make a great poster!

  4. I’m 99% sure that fabulous lamp is from Anthropologie…I bought it a few months ago. :)

  5. Oh, this takes me back. I wish I could have been there. Seven years ago we started our business there. We flew into Providence Rhode Island and stayed and drove over every day. We hired a truck to bring quite a load home. We said it all started in Providence. Hence the name Providence Ltd. Design. I know you had a blast!

  6. I crave the lucite handled flatware!! So many great finds; I love how every person who goes to Brimfield sees an entirely different perspective.

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