Design Crush: Sarah Richardson

This is so overdue.  I don’t know why I haven’t posted the GENIUS of Sarah Richardson before, but I haven’t and it’s about damn time.  The woman can put together a transitional room like no one’s business.  They are rooms you get the sense everyone would like without being expected or boring at all- which is a hard balance to find. However, I wish we could buy her furniture line in the US (she has the most perfect sofa for a project I’m working on! DRAT!) Take a gander at her work if you aren’t familiar:


park-hyatt-hotel-suite-hotel-suite1-image1 city-chic-lounge-living-room2-image1


hilltop-contemporary-master-bedroom-image1 hilltop-contemporary-master-bedroom-image3


sarahs-cottage-bathroom1-image1 sarahs-cottage-bathroom2-image1

sarahs-cottage-master-bedroom-image1 sarahs-house-office-image1_0

sarahs-house2-master-bedroom-image2 sarahs-house2-master-bedroom-image3

sarahs-house2-nursery-image1 west-coast-classic-dining-room-image1

sarahs-house2-guest-suite1-image1 sarahs-cottage-dining-room-image3

In other news- rain has ruined my Brimfield plans today (big sad face) so I’ll be going Friday which means I’ll have boatloads of pics for next week!


  1. Thanks for posting about Sarah. I love her! Adored her show Sarah’s House!!! Been a long time fan ever since Room Service.

  2. Sarah is also my favorite. Not only are her rooms beautiful, but they seem achievable and approachable while still offering something unexpected and original. I could live happily in almost all of them and so could most people. How does she manage that, making her designs so universally appealing?

  3. She uses a LOT of color and different patterns but it works. Every room looks so cheerful and inviting. I love how she uses fabric as a jumping off point for the color palate in her rooms.

  4. I love, love, love Sarah! She has a great eye for furniture, color, and patterns…definitely one of my faves too!

  5. It’s inspiring how she can vary her design style so much. From the chic, uptown living room to the cottage is pretty amazing. I love the hallway to the bathroom. Those cabinets are beautiful.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE her … Sarah’s House is my guilty addiction, love that show and love her assistant Tommy too ;-)

  7. Most of these images are very attractive, but I am just not so sure about the dining room. The Persian rug + lattice-patterned chairs simply doesn’t work for me. The bathroom with the gorgeous skylight and green chair, on the other hand, is simply perfect.

  8. I love Sarah Richardson, and my style is nowhere near transitional! Ordinarily I would say, “All those patterns, all those different colors, all those antiques… yuck!” But she just has a magical way with things. And “Sarah’s House” is such a cute show. Thanks for these great pics!

  9. Also LOVE Sarah!!
    and @ Sara Jane – that aqua wallpaper is Thibaut’s “Lillian” print from the Spring Lake Collection. Love their stuff!

  10. Oh my goodness. I go to comment on one photo and I am drawn into another. Love love love her taste! Also bummed about having to rain date our Brimfield trip, but can’t wait for Friday. Weather should be great, and I am getting loads of work done today, so I can enjoy Friday without any looming projects!

  11. My 9 year old daughters and I have been watching Sara’s House faithfully every Saturday night for a while now! We just love her and what she did with her farmhouse. I was obsessed with the blazers she was wearing so I googled her clothing and the designer is Tommy’s sister! And yeah, we adore Tommy too!

  12. No detail is overlooked and yet none of the rooms are over-done. I especially love how she treats all the walls. Beautiful!

  13. Hello from Canada!! I have been a fan of Sarah for many years and she is Canadian!! Tommy has such a funny sense of humor and I enjoy him on her shows as well. P.S. I really enjoy your blog!!!

  14. Love her. I am a fan of hers on FB, too. I keep waiting for Sarah’s Cottage to air here in the US.

    The green bedroom is my fave!!! You posted this last week and I was floored because I have been coveting this room for a year.

    Also, Tommy Smythe is a favorite of mine, as well. He is so clever, have you seen his teeny apartment in Canadian House and Home?

  15. Funny you should post this, I recently emailed her company because I am in love with her and her furniture line. This is the deal for getting products to the US….”We do not have current plans to sell in the US, however if you are willing to set up your own shipping and brokerage services, our products are technically available anywhere.” Just an FYI, wish it was a little easier because I would totally be buying.

  16. LOVE! Her designs are beautiful. Your post gave me some inspiration for my dining room. Now I just need to find a white bench and clear glass table.

  17. I just LOVE Sarah and he side kick Tommy – their interactions together just crack me up! Her work is perfection! I have so many episodes of Design Inc on my DCR – I could watch over and over.

  18. I love Sarah! I started watching Room Service when I was newly married. She is still GREAT all these years later on Sarah’s House!

  19. I think Sarah is very talented and am totally addicted to her how Sarah’s House. It’s a great inspiration for me and gives me great ideas as I renovate my own home

  20. sorry but we are so over Sarah. Agree that she does some good work but if I see another one of her pillows which she puts on everything, usually with a button… I like her best when the client doesn’t let her do her usual thing-has become very predictable. Now Tommy we love!

  21. Yes, I love Sarah as well. Thank goodness they’re showing some of her shows on HGTV’s US site. I only wish we could watch the older Sarah’s house (especially the cottage). I have a lot of her old Room Service shows saved on my computer, and love to watch them when I’m in search of an idea. They never seem to get old.

  22. Great pics, really enjoyed them. Thanks so much. Agree with one of the other posts – i’m not sure i’m tracking with that dining room… Can someone explain?

  23. I also love Sarah Richardson – wish I could just buy all her shows on DVD and watch over and over! She and Tommy have an incredible chemistry that makes her rooms spectacular.

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