Fashion Friday: A Citrus Punch

Neon yellow is a color that a lot of people would think was really unflattering (or perhaps it gives you painful flashbacks to the 80’s and your favorite jelly shoes/puffy painted sweatshirt/braces with neon ligaments.    I for one am coming around to this color, especially while the summertime is here and I have a little bit of a tan.  But even those with pale skin (see Scarlett killing it in her dress below) can pull of a slightly deeper version of the color with ease! The good news? The resort 2011 collections are showing lots of citron shades so if you buy it now, it’ll still be de rigueur come next year!

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Here is a collection of items that might help you consider a pop of bright lemon yellow to your wardrobe! And stay tuned for yet another giveaway this afternoon- this time….SHOES! :)

Tami Tank
$55 –
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Ruby silk-chiffon skirt
$425 –
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Studded cotton tunic
$215 –
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  1. I really like the color. I’m thinking I need some of it in my wardrobe.

    I see a lot of weddings now with the yellow and grey color scheme. I like it, but I would never do it myself.

  2. I don’t think I can rock a full dress…but like to throw splashes in…like my socks. So much fun for summer!

  3. I die over neon yellow and lime-y green and chartreuse. Love JSP and Posh’s dresses here especially. I posted a dress Claire Danes wore to the Valentino party and I loved it because it just had hints of the neon…so fab.

    Happy Weekend!!

  4. I love this color yellow and have been adding it to my house lately.
    Unfortunatly no matter how hard I try to wear it I always look dead! I envy all the people who can pull it off. J-crew always has lovely shades of yellow in both the summer and winter…but alas, unless my skin changes I am doomed to look from afar.

  5. Yellow is such a happy color, and I love what you’ve put together here… I cannot wear yellow next to my skin, but would love a clutch or something similar. Thanks for sharing these great items :)


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