For This, I’d Go Fishing.

When you hear “fishing shack” you tend to think of mounted bass, claustrophobic wood paneling, dusty corners of ramshackle cabins and musty old quilts.  Until you’ve seen this “fishing shack”, as featured in the New York Times.  Owned by PR guru Melanie Brandman, this space went from exactly what I described previously to a mid century-meets-world traveler gem. I simply love it.

See the charming exterior left, and the before interior at right:


Made into this!
Picture 3



One hell of a view in the morning.


What I love most about this space is it’s layered, multidimensional appeal- different textures, time periods, styles, influences and colors.  It feels like everything here is loved and appreciated and not there for decor’s sake.  Take the elephant closet door handles below for instance. They were purchased at an outdoor market in Katmandu.  The artwork behind the dining table is an Aboriginal piece from her native Australia.


This Balinese daybed is dressed in fabrics she bought in India, but the pillows are from Restoration! Mixing the new and current with well-traveled and antique makes for an interesting space!


Oh, to have a dinner party here! Twinkle lights everywhere STAT!


All photos by Randy Harris for the NYT.


  1. WOW! That’s really all I can say. Once again this is just another example of why I need to paint all my walls white. It gives all the furniture such presence. Love It. I could definetly dissapear there for awhile.

  2. The transformation there is just ridiculous. You’re right, it’s about the textures and mixing of old and new that turn a space from appealing to welcoming.

  3. LOL – At first, I was thinking well, that’s not bad – you could liven it up some. THEN, I scrolled down.


    Can they come do MY house? :)

  4. i absolutely love it. would move right in; and the dining table is so cool….just what i am looking for. wonder where she got it(?)

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