FashionJuly 23, 2010

Product Junkies: Sarah Winchester

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This week’s product junkie is someone whose been all over the blog this week- photog Sarah Winchester (who’s photo BTW, was chosen to be the cover of the Orvis Dog Book, so big, fat congrats to her!) She’s a gorgeous Southern blonde who has a great recommendation for active ladies who still love some lashes!


Although I am totally on board with your Channel foundation (love it too!), my absolutely favorite product is without a doubt Blinc mascara .  My eye lashes can be quite light, so mascara is a must for me.  The company describes the mascara as forming tiny water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes rather than painting them.  All I know is that it is the only truly waterproof mascara I have found.  Seriously, I can play tennis, SCUBA dive, ski, whatever and this stuff does not smudge or give me those horrible raccoon eyes.  To removed it simply use lots of warm water to soften the lashes and the mascara “tubes” off in your hand.  It kind of then looks weird but it is the best mascara I have ever tried.  At $25 a pop, it is not super cheap, but it is worth it.  They sell it a Sephora.

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