The Travel Bug Bites.

It’s been a hot, hazy summer here in Boston.  The kind of heat that makes you really cranky and not want to do anything but slump on your sofa in the A/C and watch The Hangover for the 50th time because you don’t have the energy to argue with your husband to change the channel. In short, it’s been miserable and it’s been making me dream of where I can go on a jet plane to escape. Granted, a lot of the places I want to go are hot right now too, but it somehow seems more bearable in a  foreign country than in my hometown.  So when I saw the posts from my girls Erika and Paloma about their respective trips to Italy and Barcelona I began plotting and dreaming of where I want to go. Since I’ve already been to Italy (a magnificent 2 week trip in high school with a group of my fave girls and one awesome chaperone- Mrs. Delana, for those MPSers reading) I think Barcelona might be on the schedule for spring 2011.  But what a  tough choice…

Erika posted pictures from her visit to the J.K. Place in Florence and I about died.  Florence was my favorite Italian city and this hotel looks like absolute perfection!  You can take such inspiration for your own home from these rooms!

doublesuperior-4 juniorsuite-3




Oh hello amazing ceiling. Can I stare at you all day while sipping fine Italian espresso?



One for me, one for you. And a view to compliment the bubbly.


And just when you are thinking “Yup, that place is perfection” I’m gonna go ahead and blow your mind with the J.K. Capri. I mean, REALLY. REALLY. I can’t even deal with this level of awesomeness.


Navy walls make me HAPPPPPPPYYYY!



This next picture made me yelp out loud.



I need to wake up here once in my life.


And here.

image_16 image_58


JKCapri-38 JKCapri-41

And drink/sun/smile like an idiot here.



I can’t explain why my text is now it italics. I can’t fix it so you’re gonna have to deal. :) Anywhoo, Paloma was next in posting pics from her trip to Barcelona and I am now 100% certain I will be staying where she stayed which was the Hotel Pulitzer designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán.



Picture 2 IMG_3405_thumb2


Picture 6

Paloma was incredibly lucky to get to meet Lázaro and tour his own studio! AMAZEBALLS!

IMG_4307_thumb1 Those panels! That chevron floor!

IMG_4278_thumb1 IMG_4293_thumb2




Those are some luxurious drapes. LOVE.


When can I leave???


  1. I JUST got back from Barcelona two days ago and these pics make me want to go back!!! Such a beautiful city and this hotel looks amazing (or shall I say AMAZEBALLS!). Love it.

  2. LOVE the post today!! Made me laugh out loud. Sister, you think it’s hot in Boston.. I’m in Florida! Literally sweat just walking from my car into my office. Like 100 feet. Sad.
    Obsessed with Navy walls as well – I have dedicated an entire post to them on my blog.. And lastly – totally agree about smiling like an idiot on that rooftop. Haha!

  3. OH yeah, I saw the post about Erika’s stay at the JK. Um, freakin’ amazing. The photos above make me turn inside out. Beyond amazing.

  4. Ahh! I want to go too! I saw Erika’s post too and realized that I walked right past that place when I was in Florence last summer…I could seriously kick myself :-/ I just posted about Michele Bonan’s work last week! Isn’t it captivating?!!! Love the photos you found!

  5. J.K. Place had such a clean, charming environment. The navy walls and ceiling were just incredible looking. But not as incredible as that view! Hotel Pulitzer looked exactly like I expected it would, except that it seemed a little more like an actual home. Still, I wouldn’t complain if I could be either of those places.

  6. You HAVE GOT to be kidding… these places are UNREAL!!!!!! I had no idea hotels could really be that stylish! I have been to Barcelona twice as a kid {can’t remember the names of the hotels but I assure you they were NOT even close to this} I am gonna have to start planning a trip also!


  7. These are totally breathtaking!! Speaking of the travel bug, I’m visiting Boston with my husband and in-laws next weekend to celebrate my father-in-law’s 65th birthday. I’m 8 months pregnant so I can’t travel very far…wanted to ask you if you could recommend some really delicious, special restaurants (italian, american or seafood). I know you have exquisite taste so I thought I’d see where you like to eat! Thanks!

  8. AMAZEBALLS …. that’s funny, I was JUST thinking about JK Place and looking it up on TripAdvisor to see if I could swing it next Euro trip. Barcelona is high on my list, but I think London is next!

  9. Wow, amazing destinations. What I would not give to be there right now instead of studying for my ortho exam. Praying that I pass this class and then the boards to get my RN license. I see destinations in my future..

  10. I’m just jealous that you even have the choice to go to either of those amazing places!!! I’m pretty sure my first European vacay will be to Italy…*sigh* So much to do so little time! (c:

  11. The J.K. Capri is my idea of heaven on earth. If it weren’t so expensive (imo) I would go there every year.

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