Blog Crush: From Me to You

I am completely, utterly obsessed with the photography blog From Me to You. The photographer, Jamie, could make a toenail clipping on a coffee table look enchanting, I swear.  The girl can capture a feeling, beauty and moment like no one I’ve seen. Try not to lose your entire day looking through her archives- fashion, beauty, home, food, lifestyle….you name it, she shoots it- and with such style. Consider yourself inspired.


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There is a special place in my heart for these pics of my own neighborhood and a stunning little apartment in it!

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  1. Erin! Look at how wonderful you are! I’m beyond humbled, flattered and just freakin excited you found my blog and enjoy my work! Your writing and style is just to die for so the blogger crush is mutual! Thank you so much for sharing my blog & photographic style with your readers! Your taste level is fantastic so it’s thrilling to see this.


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