Bowled Over by Boden

The Boden catalog is something that I typically never take a second glance at. Until this week. HOLY SHIZ! Leopard print galore, adorable new cuts and great shoes! The styles feel very age transitional- as if my mom and I both could shop here and come away with things we both feel snazzy in. Check out some of my favorites- although fall clothes seem so far away!

Picture 17 Picture 26

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This leopard cross body bag might have to become mine for fall.

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  1. I thought the same thing when I looked through the catalog. I only gave it a chance b/c I was bored, but I’m glad I did. Some great stuff!

  2. I love Boden too! I haven’t ordered anything for myself yet but have for my daughter. Good quality. I may break and order something from the fall collection. It’s very tempting!

  3. LOVING Boden too! I actually purchased a piece for each of my sisters and Mom for their July birthdays- ages 22-56- everybody loved it!

  4. Ha! This was exactly my reaction. I usually look through the catalog for pieces for my mom, but there are definitely some things I will be picking up for myself this season! Props to Boden’s creative team.

  5. I got a Boden catalog from my cool aunt a few years ago, and have been loving their stuff ever since. They really have fantastic colors and prints… and their rain coats are the cutest around! Thanks for this great post to share Boden with those who don’t already love it!

  6. I’ve been a Boden shopper for years..I remember the pre-catalog days when I’d go to Tupperware-like parties to shop for the clothes! The clothes are well made…my 12 year old daughter grew up in mini-boden and we are now loving their pre-teen line!

  7. I had never heard of Boden before, but I got the catalog last week and just fell in love with some of the pieces! I had my eye on that sweet grey jacket with the ruffles down the front too! Yum!

  8. I agree. I am loving the fall collection. Their clothes are high quality and a decent price point.

  9. So, once again, I prove to be way hipper than you. Because I’ve been shopping here for years. Of course, I’m usually buying anything with floral applique, but whatever. I have to dress so coservatively at work (pediatric primary care) and this stuff is really excellent quality, not too showy, but still really pretty and cute at the same time. I officially sound like my mother.

  10. So perfect! Please, tell me why, when I was scrolling down, I scrolled back up real quick to look at your photo. It looks like you came out of the same magazine :) I am extremely short waisted so it’s hard for me to pull off some of these outfits without looking uber bosomy … but I do love love love a good blazer (side note: do you watch Sarah’s House, because I love all her blazers, so well cut and always bright colors).

  11. I just got their catalog in the mail the other day and loved the clothes! I tagged like every page. I wish it wasn’t so expensive though.

  12. Thanks for posting these. I usually toss the magazine too. I’m loving the houndstooth coat, the black boucle cardigan and those killer leopard ankle boots. I’ll be the big 5 0 in 6 days and it’s hard to find clothes that don’t look like the belong on my 17 yo daughter.

  13. I have had mixed feelings about Boden in the past. But these clothes look great. Also, I have a spring coat from Boden, and I get compliments on it absolutely every time I wear it.

  14. It’s looking very J.Crew but still true to its original style. Nice. I love that gray blazer with the ruffle. Although in this 95 degree heat I can’t bare the thought of wool right now.

  15. I completely agree – I actually had never received this catalog before and last week I received the child’s version and then this version of Boden and I was pretty smitten with many of their items, and very surprised because I’d never heard of the brand prior.

  16. i just received the boden catalog for the first time last week and agree! i was trying to figure out who they are targeting – myself or my mom – but i think their clothes can work for either. i have been very seriously contemplating buying that green “audrey” dress i think they call it.

  17. better late than never, i suppose. too bad you missed the catalog from last fall. this year’s was a bit of a disappointment… still some cute things to be had. the “mini” boden catalog is especially adorable right now…

  18. Funny – I got the boden catalog for the first time last week, and I had never heard of it before. Actually, that’s not true. I had received the boden kids catalog the week before and had thought to myself, “Am I really in that age bracket already?”

  19. Wow there are so many pieces here that I would love for my fall wardrobe! I have been noticing that Boden has been stepping it up lately, but this is by far the best season that I have seen so far. I have noticed that Boden usually has a 15% off coupon in the catalog, or you can easily search for it online if anyone decides to place an order. Thank you for the good ideas!

  20. I have a tattoo with my favorite radio station so my best friend and I could go see Madonna….but it would be totally awesome if I could somehow suprise my friend with an introduction to Jordan Knight…oooooo I can see her face now.

  21. I can’t find the blue/floral print dress (pic #6) online — do you have the style number for it, by any chance? Thanks!!

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