Bright and Breezy

Actress Robbin Tuney’s home in the most recent InStyle is such a  great example of how a home can create a feeling. To me, the second I looked at this space I thought “happy”, “fun”, “easy going”.  Homes can certainly reflect a lot about the owner’s personality and demeanor (mine says “lazy”, “ADD” and “possibly bi-polar”).  I really am loving the abundance of light, carefully chosen modern pieces and small pops of bright color. Oh, and Robin’s fabulous vintage look with her dresses and hair- yes please! scan-4

scan-2 scan-1

InStyle_Magazine scan-3



Get this look for less with the following accessories:

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Turn a simple wicker ottoman into something bolder with a can of indoor/outdoor spray paint!

indooroutdoor img91m


  1. I like the mix of color and modern furniture. And the chalkboard in the kitchen is a great idea, it helps with to do lists and would make baking a lot easier by being able to write out instructions and ingredients.

  2. Love the use of color, sometimes I wish I was more courageous with my color choices!

    And I love those pink and green ikat pillows — I think Calico Corners sells that fabric.

  3. I just looked at this article too. I love everything about her space! I especially enjoy how she (or her behind-the-scenes designer) manages to offset the modern with the vintage perfectly. It’s what I constantly strive for and never manage to accomplish. :(

  4. I just laughed out loud at your description of how your house reflects your personality and demeanor….lazy, ADD, possibly bi-polar….I think those are also what my home reflects. Sad, but funny, truth.

  5. Very cute ideas. I just painted my 3 year olds daughter “big girl” bed in that same exact ocean blue. It’s beautiful.

  6. I love the white chair. I actually saw one similar to that at HAUS furniture in Los Angeles, for a decent price at that.

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