Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover…

If you drove by this house in Bedford, NY renovated by Alisberg Parker Architects you’d probably expect the interior to be chock full of traditional classics, right?

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I really do enjoy a home that has a traditional architectural exterior (and interior- notice all thought molding and trim painted over glossy white) paired with really modern furniture.  It’s so unexpected.  And that pool house? I die.

But I alos love that this design team is capable of doing funky traditional decor as well.  I’m loving this modern rustic look they crafted (the mismatched chairs and that wicker bar? Hello.)

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  1. That kitchen is fabulous — and I LOVE the pink fabric in the poolhouse. Plus this house gets extra bonus points for being located in my hometown.

  2. This house is beautiful on the inside, but it’s extremely large. Like outrageously so. The front/outside looks out of whack. I thought extra large mini-mansions were out!??

  3. this is insane. great find. just goes to show what you can do with such a traditional home.

    had i the money, i’d never consider buying a property like this…until now.

  4. I love the unexpectedness of this home! I am so in love with it. The features they chose (that huge marble slab) are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g! It has got such space and presence!

  5. I get the impression the architect specializes in windows! Multiple windows, all exactly the same. I’ll bet the window company loved him! The inside is much more interesting than the outside.

  6. un-freaking believable. I love that the bones of the place are still very classic and the decor puts a much more modern spin on it – it definitely gives it that timeless factor – and I adore this architecture group, I’ve visited their website numerous times and all of their work is stunning!

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