FashionAugust 20, 2010

Fashion Friday: The Romantics

I love movies. It gives me an excuse to escape for a bit and relish in other worlds, other times and other lives.  There are a few films coming out that I’m excited to see, one of them being The Romantics.  Anything with Josh Duhamel AND Adrien Brody is time well spent, in my opinion.  And it’ll be nice to see Anna Paquin not covered in blood and vampire guts for once.  J.Crew did a little partnership with the film and this adorable photo shoot of the cast in their clothes is up on their site! Brilliant marketing on the studio’s part since the average J.Crew shopper is the film’s exact target audience. I bet we’ll be seeing a lot more partnerships like this in the near future.








My own little The Romantics meets J.Crew outfit:

And here’s the trailer:

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