Magnificent Morrocco…

I am currently really loving the textile wares for sale on the site Sheherazade.  I know there has been ikat ad nauseum in decor in the past two years, but I just am not sick of it yet.  I think it’s because it’s such a great pattern to mix with other patterns or a simple way to add a punch of color to any style interior. I’m sure at some point I’ll want ikat as much as I want a root canal but for now I’m still on board.

How ’bout these embroidered poufs???

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  1. Those embroidered poufs are insane, and just fresh enough to continue my love affair with all things Moroccan. I know there are some ikat haters out there, but I really think the pattern has made its way into the design hall of fame. It may have had its “moment” for the time being, but it will always garner appreciation from me!

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