Remember these Alexander Wang beauties I coveted so fiercely months ago? Well, I never had the guts (nor the cash flow) to pony up the $600 for them…


And thanks to reader Brooke I was alerted to these way more affordable knock-offs from Nina.  Not as fabulous, but oh-so-similar.  Just not sure how good they’d look on my feet since I’m cursed with the dreaded overly long second toe ( “World Trade Toe” according to Andrew).  And these babies would put that little freak show on display pretty prominently!



  1. Erin – you made me laugh out loud literally! World Trade Toe…..AWESOME! While I don’t suffer from that affliction, I have a HUGE big toe so I’m particularly sensitive to the pretty feet challenged. Everyone in my office just had to know what I was laughing about and it was no time before we were all playing show and tell with our jacked up feet! Thanks for telling us. Your blog is a daily read for me.

  2. Promoting knock-offs and comparing your busted toes to a national disaster. Perhaps your blog should be called “Elements of Compromised Taste”. Not cute. This was the nail in the coffin for me. Best of luck to you with the blog.

    – One less reader from New York.

  3. Anon- I was most certainly NOT comparing anything to a national disaster- my husband gave it that nickname way before that event and only in reference to size, not meaning/symbolism. I am sorry I offended you, but that is not at all my intent and I am pretty sure that is clear. As for promoting knock-offs, these are not like counterfeit logo merchandise, simply an affordable version of an expensive show. Black pointy toe stiletto pups are not considered Manolo knock-offs, correct?

  4. Erin:

    Anon is wrong. You are right. And World Trade Toe is nothing to be ashamed of. It is actually really common and not less beautiful than other feet.

  5. A knock-off is a knock off, be it sold in a Chinatown back alley or the mall. And that shoe is certainly not a nondescript black stiletto. Just look at the lawsuits filed against Steve Madden last year by Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. And all of the other similar suits in years past to other lower-priced brands doing exactly the same.

    It’s impossible to argue that shoe was NOT “inspired” by the Alexander Wang pair.

    And the WTC comment was just in very poor taste.

    Just my opinion.

  6. Hmm.. it seems to me that Anony has a foul attitude and just wanted someone to blame. Rock on, Erin! You’re wonderful (and so are those shoes!!)

  7. Those Alexander Wang shoes are so hot! I have longer second AND third toes, which wouldn’t bother me except for the fact that I broke a couple of them and they’re now horribly crooked! Growing up my mother always told me that longer toes were a sign of good breeding ;)

    p.s Anony needs to lighten up!

  8. It escapes me why someone would find in necessary to comment on someone else’s blog to tell them they are leaving, only to return with more negative comments.

    Erin, the shoes are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with all of us who can’t afford the real thing. Love your blog!!

  9. My dad once asked me if there was something they could do about my long “World Trade” toe — like surgically.

    Sometime my peep toe shoes cut that toe in such a way that it is ALL I see. My solution to the problem is to distract the onlooker with a shiny toe ring on it. Just stick it right where the toe SHOULD end and voila! A little slight of hand, er, toe (is that a finger? omg!) and you can confidently wear those crazy awesome shoes without self-consciousness — well, not as much.

  10. I once had a boyfriend that commented on how odd my longer second toe is until we went to NYC and the classical statues in the museum had the same toes…

  11. Hurrah for longer second toes! My grandmother says it was a sign of intelligence. I think it is one of those things like, it is good luck to have it rain on your wedding day…myths to make people feel better :) But I love my longer second toe and I DO think it is a sign of intelligence. Look at all us smart girls ready brilliant Erin’s blog :)

  12. Is it sad that I saw those Nina shoes in Glamour the other day and the first thought was that “I should email Erin and tell her?” I feel like a total stalker… in reality I just have a good memory :)

  13. Poor Anony must be a pretty miserable person to get so upset while reading pleasant, fun blog discussions. Actually, I feel quite sorry for her/him. Erin, your blog always makes me smile!! Thanks for taking the time to connect :)

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