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My Emmy Fashion Review

The Emmy’s last night proved that awards shows CAN be entertaining! Between Jimmy Fallon, the hysterical voice over guy and some memorable little skits I actually found myself NOT bored.  The red carpet was a little less exciting, but still provided some good looks to review.

It was black and blue from beginning to end, and not in a bad way!  Most of these dark gowns were hits. Some may think them boring, but I always love a dark simple silhouette for a fancy affair.

The Glee girls brought their A game with navy, chic long gowns. Loving both of these with their rich color and fabulous texture.

Picture 1
Picture 3

I was shocked how much  loved Kelly Osbourne’s dress. Eva almost had a hit, but there is something off here.  I think that the applique starts at a funny point- and the earrings needed to be much bolder.

Picture 2
Picture 10

Julie Bowen is too cute for words, and her gown looked fabulous and funky. Julia Louise Dreyfuss came SO close to a hit, but the sheer stomach panel nixed it for me. The earrings and silhouette are so spot on though…too bad.

Picture 6
Picture 19

These are black and blue in a bad way. And I love both these ladies. Heidi’s dress was uncomfortably short. I was actually nervous she was going to have a wardrobe malfunction during the interviews. The nacklace was too busy for the heavily textured dress too.  January Jones went futuristic AGAIN and to me it’s just ICK. She is so pretty and her hair and makeup looked awesome, but I wish she’d wear something a little more glamorous and simple.

Picture 11
Picture 4

I love, love, loved Jennifer Carpenter’s one shouldered sparkly dress! I maybe would have added a bolder bracelet on that bare arm though….And Juliana Marguiles looked classy and timeless in her bedazzled sheath.

Picture 7
Picture 8

Nude and pretty- both these women looked glamorous and old Hollywood and it shows how this color can look good on brunettes and blondes.

Picture 9
Picture 20

Both these gowns came close to being hits- Sofia looks sexy, no doubt, I don’t think she can’t look sexy- but the sequin detail looks a smidge cheap to me for some reason. I can’t really explain it! Anna Paquin rocked some Alexander McQueen, which in some shots looked really cool, and in other looked like she was an extra on the Gladiator set….

Picture 17
Picture 12

Kerri Russell’s look was SO CLOSE except for that ill fitting top! I loved the color, the loose hair, the pleating and shoes otherwise. Kyra Sedgwick made a bold statement in deep pinky red. Again, I liked the silhouette, the casual hair, the bold lip to match but that color is awfully close to my least favorite color ever- cranberry.

Picture 13
Picture 16

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