1. My gut reaction while scrolling the pics….black was interesting but a sense of relief and uplift upon reaching the white. “What’s a girl to do?” Pay attention to your senses and emotional reactions; those are within you even when you’re not “thinking” about what you like. Black may be intellectually stimulating, but not something I would find subconsciously pleasurable over time.

  2. one of my other favorite magazines, House & Leisure, just became available digitally… and I picked up a couple of great black wall pics, too! You can see them on my blog, southofthesahara.blogspot.com…. along with some other great pics. Its a South African magazine, so maybe something a little different and fun for someone who looks at decorating stuff all day :)

  3. I loved the new issue. The black walls are drool worthy. But did anyone notice one of the photographs on the lower right side near the glass desk is a little… ummm… interesting? I was browsing the issue over breakfast, came to this photo and gasped! Wait is that a hand pulling his…. It can’t be! But I think that it might be. My inner trapped infantile being had a little chuckle.

  4. I totally agree, I love Lonny so much for all its inspiration! I find it hard to feel as inspired by one single issue of any other home decor magazine these days, though I don’t know if I’m just telling myself that or not. I’m feeling the black + white combo with pops of color, as well as the bold color rooms. Living with a brown, wild dog, doesn’t allow me to even consider all white! It also seems so feminine, I can’t imagine my bf loving living like that.

  5. The second photo at the top works well I’ve found. You need a decent amount of white to offset the black, otherwise it’s a little depressing/emo kid bedroom. And having a ton of photos is pretty cool too.

  6. Girl, I’m so on the same page with you! Love Black, Love White, Love Color…I agree totally with Gramercy Home also — we really need multiple homes to contain our multiple design personalities!! Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! It helps my case with my husband when he wants to know why I’m redecorating AGAIN…

  7. Wow. Love all the rooms and agree that I want different homes/apartments for different moods. (there’s color and then there’s beach, city, country) I am lucky enough to have girlfriends whose styles I also love, so when I need a vacation from my surroundings, I can drop my a friend’s place for some wine and inspiration.

  8. I am desperately hoping for a black office. It’s not built yet (but coming soon thanks to hubby!) and I am doing my best to convince my hubby… Keep your fingers crossed for me!! I am planning a charcoal grey powder room though… does that count? Love the pics! :)

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