Product Junkies: Jeannie Vincent

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This week’s Product Junkie is a pro- makeup artist Jeannie Vincent who not only beautifies everyone from local models and the band Train for their recent VH-1 performance but also works for Fresh and is the beauty editor for the super cool fashion blog New Brahmin. Let’s just say, she knows her shiz.

Poshe Product Master

When I say my life would not be the same without this product, I am really not exaggerating.  Call me crazy, but I am an at-home manicure aficionado, and I truly can’t imagine painting my nails with any regular old topcoat.  I am hooked on Poshe’ Super-Fast Drying formula; I’m a junkie.  If you do paint your nails yourself, and haven’t tried a fast-drying topcoat, ladies–you ain’t livin’.  Isn’t it annoying to have to sit like a statue for half an hour so as to not smudge your newly manicured tips?  And even then end up eventually nicking them on something even though you thought they were dry?  Enter the quick-drying stuff.  Apply your base coat and color as usual, and then immediately after (no need to wait), brush on a coat of the Poshe Super-Fast.  Ten minutes later and you are good to go.  Your polish will be dry to the touch, and within a half an hour all layers should be completely dry.  There are other fast-drying topcoats out there, a very popular one being Seche Vite.  But with Seche Vite you get shrinkage (ew, sounds gross), a phenomenon where your nail polish actually “shrinks” on your nail, thus making your manicure look more worn, more quickly.  You can find Poshe at any Sally’s, CVS, or even Amazon.  I like to order it in bulk from nail supply e-tailers, but then again, I am a nail junkie.  Regardless of where you go to get it, pick it up, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Maybe you can answer a question for me. Why is it when I paint my nails that the polish bubbles and then I have to remove it. One coat is fine, but two results in bubbles. I use a base coat, then the color.


  2. I wonder how many cancer-causing toxic chemicals are in that nail product? Check out

  3. @kimberly – try using thinner coats! also, instead of shaking the bottle before you apply, try just gently rolling it between your palms (shaking can add too many bubbles). also being somewhere drafty or excessively warm can cause bubbles. hope this helps!

  4. I will have to give this product a try. Seeing you are a make-up artist I was hoping you could give us one out of this world, cannot live without product for the skin. Foundation, primer, etc. My skin is looking like it has lost it’s zip. I get facials but just need a bit of a pick me up for the canvas.

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