Current Obsession: Bryonie Porter

The second I saw these gorgeous wallpapered vintage furniture pieces by Bryonie Porter I fell in love! What a fabulous way to add a punch of print to a room!

blackbirds bluewillow

6c cheyne

turqwillow greyflowers2

8B bluetoile

yellowflowers bluebirds1

flowerbureau greyflowers

Remember this Nina Campell wallpaper from Domino’s spread on Rita Konig’s place?

perroquets rita konig

And how about these great map chests for children’s rooms? Just be sure to hide ALL markers and crayons!

map1 mapchest

Want to attempt this yourself? Here is one guide to applying wallpaper to furniture…and be sure to check out my Etsy store to see my collection of vintage wallpaper that I think would look amazing on a dresser! :)


  1. love these! eric roseff had furniture wrapped in wallpaper for his bedroom he did for dream home — i didn’t know it was possible! love it!!


  2. Beyond fantastic! So original and just fun! I want the map chest of drawers and the comic book bookcase for my kids rooms!

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