Exciting New Press!

I’m so excited to finally get to share with you the photo-shoot/ styling job that was the subject of this post. Boston Magazine Home asked me to style a high and low version of a nursery.  As you can tell from my breakdown of the shoot, it was a lot more work than I expected.  But well worth it when I get to open the pages of the magazine (and even get a teaser on the cover) and see the final result!

boston home cover fall 2010

boston home expensive nursery

boston home affordable nursery

Some images I shot during the shoot- you can see the details better than my crappy scans! The images should be on their website soon as well!



cheapdetail2 cheapdetail

expensivedetail expensivedetail2


  1. That’s awesome! Both rooms are great but I actually like the less expensive room better! I love me some zig-zags! :)

  2. wow! thanks for posting this, as “boston home” isn’t readily available here in the west.
    both rooms are stunning and super fun!
    i love high/low photo shoots…and yours was really informative and creative.

  3. Love them both – congrats on a fabulous job well-done!

    I JUST finished our nursery this weekend (I mean, I still have 10 whole days until he’s due…plenty of time!) and am so glad to see the Space Baby crib bedding from Target is what you chose to feature – that’s what we have, too! We went a different direction with the rug, but your design has me feeling good about my choices! I am going to get some throw pillows this weekend for our chair – maybe a roll pillow, too. Thanks for the inspiration, and again – kudos!

  4. Congratulations on the press. But the idea that one of those nurseries is “for the rest of us” is a load of turds. I’m having twins, their room is accessorized and furnished to the hilt – 2 cribs, 2 chairs, fully renovated closet, window treatments, art, etc. and I didn’t come close to $4000. Most people would call a $4K nursery the one for “deep pockets”. But I’m assuming it’s not your goal as a designer to decorate for the masses anyway? Regardless, congrats on the awesome feature!

  5. Looks awesome. Very similar styles for WILDLY different price points. Both look sharp, though.

    If ONLY I
    A. had and
    B. could spend that much on a nursery.

  6. These are fantastic and I love seeing the 2 rooms side-by-side like this. Great job keeping the spirit of the overall design the same on both budgets. At 37 weeks pregnant, I have been totally and completely immersed in nursery design for the whole summer so loved seeing this feature!

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