Fashion Friday: Oscar de la Renta Comes Home

Anytime Rachel Zoe goes to an Oscar de la Renta show or visits him in his studio I fall in love (can you tell I’ve been catching up via Tivo?)   He seems like such a classy gentleman with such impeccable taste you can’t help but be charmed. Not to mention the clothes! His dresses are always some of my favorite picks for red carpet events. I personally remember trying on a magnificently elegant lace sheath strapless wedding dress with long train by him six years ago.  I was with a friend, I had gotten engaged like five minutes earlier and I thought it was too soon to make a decision so I passed on it.  Cut to me scrambling to find a replacement gown after getting totally f*cked over by Vera Wang (pardon my French, but it still makes me THAT furious) and I tried on another Oscar gown with magnificent champagne waist sash that made me cry from it’s beauty, but it was too expensive after already losing my several thousand dollar deposit to Vera.  So no Oscar for me on my wedding day. Boo hiss.

Ok, that was one hell of a digression. What I meant to say is I love Oscar, and yesterday while at the Boston Design Center I stopped in Lee Jofa and got to see his new fabric line! It’s luxurious, classic but bold.  Lots of silks, embroidery and color with dressmaker details like delicate pleating.  I was told that he was the most involved of any designer collaborator they’ve ever had and went through samples of all the fabrics he’s ever used in his collections for inspiration. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the dress form in the window with a skirt made of his ikat print (copied from a jacket he bought his wife ages ago).  Turns out, not only is my size, but they are auctioning off a few of them to benefit Oscar’s charity, Casa del Nino.

DSC_0079 Picture 15

Picture 16 Picture 14

Picture 23 Picture 24

Picture 25 Picture 37

To add to the insane talent of Oscar himself, he hired brilliant designer Miles Redd to be the creative director behind his home line! Here are some images of the Miles Redd styled showroom at NYC’s D&D building:

Picture 17 Picture 18

Picture 20

On top of this fabulous Lee Jofa line, Oscar has a magnificent line of rugs with Elson & Company and furniture with Century! I love so many of these items!

Picture 28 Picture 29

Picture 30 Picture 31

Picture 34 Picture 36

This sofa is the cat’s pajamas.

Picture 38

Dying over these chairs (and this dining room- although it needs a baller chandy, don;t you think?)

Picture 39 Picture 41

Yes and Yes.

Picture 42 Picture 43

And how about the fashion, which is his bread and butter? I’d be HAPPY to show you some of my faves.

Picture 60 Picture 55

Picture 46 Picture 61

Picture 59 Picture 45

Picture 51 Picture 58 Picture 47

Picture 50 Picture 49 Picture 62

Picture 64 Picture 48

Picture 67 Picture 68 Picture 66


  1. Every time he is on RZ I fall in love with him as well. He is soooo sweet and cool and charming and not at all arrogant. OMG, how can you not love him!?!?! He is an amazing person! It is no wonder he makes some of the most exquisite gowns known to womankind!

  2. Oscar de la Renta…my FAV FAV designer…those fabrics are amazing. I would so be in heaven if I could have them. Great post. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now. Great blog!

  3. yes! used the diamond rug (second down on the right) in a clients home but custom coloured it – charcoal grey & bone white – brilliant!

  4. Oh wow I love EVRYTHING! The fabrics drape so nicley and must be wonderful to touch. And the patterns are great, the accessories, too!

  5. Oscar is one of the few designers I can count on loving, no matter what year we’re talking about. Does he ever misstep? And to use Ms. Zoe’s phrase, “I DIE!” for that cream and orange dress! Is there a place to find more information and/or a larger photo? I think I’ve just found inspiration for my (smidge more modest) wedding dress!

  6. I have seen the dress forms with his fabric “skirts” before and LOVE all the prints.. think it is so clever how he markets his new line using the dress forms… like an ode to fashion… on another note.. i am thrilled to have seen this post today as I now know what shape my new headboard for my master bedroom is going to be!!! I have been on the hunt…and have found it! Love your blog Erin!!!

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