Fashion Friday: Room to Outfit

I saw this picture of a crisp, light grey and white living room and feel instantly in love with it’s soothing, clean look.  It’s classic but modern and totally textural and natural.  I think the same look is fabulous when applied to outfits! Classic lines, fabrics like denim, wool and linen and patterns like a crisp stripe will never go out of style. This look is perfect for that awkward bridge time between summer and fall!



  1. I can’t decide which I love more: the room or the outifit! The coffee table and the striped blanket in the room are insane, and I can’t get enough of gray skinny jeans and that cardigan would be perfect over my growing baby belly.

  2. Erin, Just wanted to tell you this….in the last year I have gotten into reading blogs, yours being the first one to make me come back daily. I especially love it when it’s been days since I have had a chance to settle in and read, it’s like opening a new magazine that has come in the mail. I am not that gal that writes into the editor or things, but today when reading your last 3-4 days of entries I just wanted to give you an applause. Well done, your style is classic and yet evolving. EOS is my first stop when I chill on on my C & B Petrie couch! Thanks, Jennifer

  3. When black and white (and gray) is paired with a color, like beige, is when it looks best, as the color makes it warm and inviting, yet the grays/white/blacks keep it sophisticated.

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