AccessoriesSeptember 29, 2010

Lusting After: Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram


I remember the day I got my first Louis Vuitton bag. I thought I had MADE IT and was the coolest thing on legs.  I had a job, an apartment, a little spare cash in the bank and so off I trotted to LV and bought the omnipresent late 90’s mini bag that every other girl had already.  I still have it, but rarely carry it because honestly, I’ve been SO OVER Louis Vuitton for the past few years.  There are so many knockoffs and the logo situation had gotten so out of control that I avoided goods smothered in logos for years. And then I saw that they are now hand painting racing stripes and monograms on LV bags and all of the sudden, I want one again (specifically the Neverfull- perfect for all the crap I carry)!  It’s a pretty blatant rip of Goyard, but I still am adoring it.  What are your thoughts on the new look?


Oh, hello lovaaaah- you can play with the styles and colors on their site!

Picture 1

If you think the bags take logo-mania to a new level- check out this:



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