My Fall Five

It’s officially time to start fall shopping even though it’s still quite toasty.  I adore fall clothes, more so than any other season, so narrowing it down to five items was a little difficult.   I’m again trying to stick to my “buy less, buy better” mantra, but I also can’t pass up a well made item at a killer price.  I want my fall look to be comfortable, cozy, classic with a touch of edginess and artsiness. I’m thinking lots of layers, big sweaters with skinny pants and boots, faux fur, rich colors like deep dark green and navy and buttery leathers and animal prints.

1) Faux Fur Vest- This is a tricky buy because a faux fur vest can go SO wrong SO fast and before you know it you look like Bigfoot or worse, Alf. If it looks too fake, too small or too big it’s tragic. I am hoping this year I can finally pull the trigger on one.  I am still  curious about the Rachel Zoe for QVC (that collar scares me)…. but popped over jeans, a sweater and paired with boots or heels and some big “sunnies” you are all set to go!

Rachel Zoe’s and Modcloth’s version (which looks like a nice fit)

Picture 3 Picture 2

2) Tall Boots- to go over the knee or not is the question. I think it’ll be a game time decision. But more boots in leather, suede, browns, blacks and grays are all on my wish list. Here are a few pairs that intrigue me!

Ann Taylor Loft killed it with these- will they fit my skinny calves though?

Picture 5

Hunter now has so many chic styles- I am digging the equestrian vibe of these to keep my feet dry in testy New England weather

Picture 27

Loeffler Randall always does it right

Picture 28

I always am looking for good tall high heeled black boots for narrow calves- these look cool.

Picture 29

3) LEOPARD EVERYTHING!!! I’ve been on the leopard train for a looooooong time. I love it in homes, on people, on accessories. I’m so glad it’s back (not that it ever rotated out of MY closet!) Some things I love: J.Crew flats, Talbots sheath dress, this bag that I would gladly make a deal with Satan for, Alexander McQueen spots and skulls scarf, my dream shoes.

Picture 6 Picture 7

Picture 8 Picture 24

Picture 30

4) Long, cozy sweaters like this ombre number from Alice + Olivia, this to die for wrap cardi by Temperley London, an affordable braided collar long sweater coat and flyaway cardi, awesome stripe number from AT Loft and this dolman sleeve layering piece by Ann Taylor.

Picture 15 Picture 18 Picture 19

Picture 21 Picture 23 Picture 20

5) Coats-A feminine trench/peacoat hybrid by Expresswool trench by J.Crew,classic black trench from Burberry (I tried this on and was nearly brought to tears it fit so exquisitely) and I’m a little bit obsessed with this L.A.M.B plaid number.

Picture 9 Picture 10

Picture 13 Picture 14

…aaaaaaand some extras also on my list:

– a slouchy but ladylike bag- loving this grey version from Talbots (put tassels on anything and I’m a goner i.e. I might also need this small crossbody bag too!)

Picture 11 Picture 26

– more stripes, like these adorable striped sweater dresses from Rag & Bone and Ann Taylor Loft.

Picture 17 Picture 22

– this blazer from Ann Taylor. Obsessed.

Picture 25

What’s on your fall wish list?


  1. I have been dying for a faux-fur vest for years now. This is when I don’t like being married to your brother because he thinks it is absurd. Grrrr.

  2. SO crazy how Talbot’s has gone from Granny to Glammy! I had to do a double take when I saw their latest ads in fashion mags! Totally taking a page from the newer Chico’s ads, I’d say!

  3. Talbots has been just spot on this year! Usually my grandmother shops there but lately, I’ve been stopping by our local store more and more. I’ve been eyeing their leopard sheath dress too. L.O.V.E. those Ann Taylor Loft boots! I’ve been obsessed with over the knee boots since Anne Boleyn wore them in The Tudors (I know, ridiculous). And that Express trench/peacoat! Loves!

    Also, I literally laughed aloud at looking like Alf. Hilarious.

  4. Great pics! I am looking for a pair of low moccasins, and a pair of mid heal, over the knee boots, just like in that stripped sweater dress photo! Oh, and a short wool coat, in a sweet color, probably from Jcrew, can’t help myself.

  5. Who ever thought we would be swooning over Ann Taylor and Talbots? I love the ruffled peacoat from express, and the dolman sleeve sweater from ann taylor. GREAT list!

  6. I love your picks.
    I’m looking for leopard print pumps, anything animal print at this point. Chunky knit sweaters and cardigans, sequin tops for day time and military style heeled boots.

  7. OK…you have just laid out the best selection for fall! Now I am crazed and have to buy one of those items or all!!!!! The boots are killer! I just went on their site but they are already out of most sizes! Darn it! The only thing I have about above knee boots is…can those be worn by any age group? Or do they look ridiculous on someone in their 40’s? Love, love, love and oficially obsessed about the coats! They are all tempting me! Please show us if you do get any! Have fun spending and shopping! I know I am off to buy leather tall boots this week! Take care! xojamilyn

  8. I also have narrow calves and looked forever for a pair of tall riding boots. You might want to check out Aldo – they had a great option at my local store.

  9. What a list! All it takes for me to get giddy over fall is to look at a few pairs of boots. That braided collar sweater and the leopard-print flats put me over the edge. I’m officially feeling autumnal.

  10. I’ve been watching for this post from you! That Express long duster/sweater is so cute! And that wrap cardigan needs to be knocked off fast because I have to have it, but cannot throw $750 at a sweater!

    I bought one of the furry vests in cream last year in the little girls department at Target for $2.47 and cannot wait to whip that thing out this winter! I may look like the abominable snowman but I’ll be sooooo Rachel Zoe. Bananas!

    And you’ve gotten me all fired up about leopard flats again. I don’t know how many pairs I have worn completely out but it’s time for a new pair!

    As usual, everything you’ve chosen is fabulous and inspiring!

  11. I can tell you all about the Rachel Zoe faux fur vest because I ordered it recently in the black version. I got a Small and unfortunately the sizing runs a bit large so I had to return it and they didn’t have an XS in stock, so I am again on the hunt for a furry vest. Yes, I thought that the collar was a little “intense” and I would have liked for it to lay flatter. I laughed when you used the word “bigfoot” to describe a fur vest gone wrong because that’s kind of how I felt in the RZ vest, although I think it had a lot to do with it being too large on me. I think it really depends on the style of the vest, but this one needed to fit closer to really look right. As far as the quality goes, I thought it was a great value, the fur felt very real and the lining was decent quality. If anyone else has found a good faux vest for around $80-100, I’d love the hear about it!

  12. This morning as I was driving to the office I was thinking to myself “I hope Erin does a fall fashion post soon!” and lo and behold! Great list, great taste as always. Thank you!

  13. I also have a hankering for some tall boots this fall – but I have the skinny calf problem too! So annoying – they must make custom fit boots for the models because their calves are probably just as skinny as mine.

    Love all the sweaters! Makes me want to start a fire and cozy up with a book!

  14. Where have you had luck finding boots for people with skinny calves in the past? I have the hardest time finding boots that fit snugly!

  15. LOVE the list!

    I keep looking back at that Rachel Zoe vest and never think I’m quite cool enough to pull the trigger. Hmm.

    Can’t WAIT to wear big, slouchy sweaters.

  16. Oh I love those boots from the Loft! I have to go check those out now…

    J.McLaughlin usually makes a great reversible faux fur vest every year. I bought one a few years ago and I have worn it so much! It’s beautiful and so soft!

  17. FYI, I recently got these boots from Ann Taylor Loft in my normal size and wasn’t able to zip them up (side zipper on calf) but I exchanged them for a half size up and they fit fine and aren’t too big in the foot. I don’t even notice much of a difference in the foot size but my calves definitely have more room. AND they are even more attractive in person! I highly recommend them for fall.

  18. lllooovvveee your choices! I am so with you on the leopard. I even saw a leopard rug recently, it was so exquisite! I got a faux fur Michael Kors vest this week, and I have been LIVING in it… love it!

  19. This list is GREAT! You always seem to hit the nail on the head with fall fashion! I still have last year’s list saved and used it as my guideline for shopping. Thanks for all of the hard work you put into helping us readers look chic!

  20. When you find some boots for the skinny calves, holla at a girl. I have been on the search for a good 10 years. I have some that make do but man, I’d do anything for a pair that don’t look like rain boots on me!

  21. My two – and I’ll be doing some Fall wardrobe update posts soon – are: sequins/metallics during the day and how to do it right, and camel & denim as a major super duper big trend. Both sound SWELL to me…. pretty darn excited for the wardrobe switch out!!!

  22. I’m with you on the leopard print – I’ve been rocking it for a while now. Just glad to see it is coming back in vogue so I can stock up! ;) It is so classic. Same with camel colored items. Seem to be all the rage right now, but I’ve always liked them. Just means I’ll have more in my wardrobe for future falls! Love your fashion posts!

  23. I know this post is a couple weeks old, but if anyone is still reading, let me know your thoughts on the Ann Taylor Loft fur vest (the full-fur one, not the fur-trimmed grey one). I’m afraid it might look too small (visually, not too snug-fitting). The RZ ones might be a little bit better proportioned, but I like the understaedness of the Loft fur. Thoughts?

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