Neighborhood Inspiration

Yesterday i woke up to a crisp fall-ish day and decided to finally take my camera out for a walk around my new neighborhood.  I absolutely love living in Boston’s South End- it’s small neighborhood feel where you see the same people getting coffee at the cute little bakery, say hello to familiar dogs out for walks and take in it’s general European feel as you stroll the brick walkways..  I kept my lens on the architecture of the homes and streets this time as I gain confidence as a photographer. Some day I won’t shy away from shooting people in their element- drinking coffee in the window of a cafe or peering in shops.  Right now I feel like I’ll be chased with crowbars if I take pictures of people without their consent. Maye I just need a stellar zoom lens! :) Anyways, here are some images from where I live- I think the classicism and history of this area is so inspiring-secret gardens, tree lined streets, gorgeous front doors, beautiful parks….what’s not to love?


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  1. Great pics – you make me want to visit Boston now! ! I’ve been thinking about taking photography classes to enhance the pics on my blog!

  2. This was the best way to spend a Monday morning. Great photos!
    I am going to look at this post again when I am in later tonight.

  3. You made me homesick for New England and Boston in particular. Beautiful medley of photos.
    The crisp feel of fall is no where to be found in Texas. Boo. I am so over 95 plus degree humid days.

    mb from Dallas

  4. These photos are great! You’ve made me realize just how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful neighborhood. Thank you.

  5. Great Pics! I love all the iron and brick, and the old wood entry doors are amazing. This has me wanting to do a jaunt around my neighborhood and maybe do the same thing. Maybe when the leaves start changing. Love It!

  6. Not to be a spoilsport, but the South End became its charming self after developers moved lower income people out of the area. It is poignant to drive around with someone who lived there before and have them tell you about how they were forced out of their homes. This sadly constitutes gentrification.

  7. What a beautiful neighborhood! We went for a walk in our neighborhood last night after dinner and I love oogling everyone’s yards and doors. Is that a community garden? Love the pale pale blue gray door (with the #1 on it). Gorgeous!

  8. To mgold: As a resident here in the South End – I understand the concerns of gentrification. However the neighborhood has turned around immensely from being a crime-ridden area twenty years ago to one that is quite diverse in my opinion. There is a wide range of housing within the South End, with many places still preserved for low income. I hope that never changes, as I enjoy having my children growing up with people of different economic, ethnic, and social backgrounds.

  9. I love, love the South End! I have family who lives near there and when we visit it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods to see. Great pictures!

  10. I love those photos! Reminds me of parts of Manhattan, where I am from. I would love to plan a walking tour for myself in the same area as your photos but I do not know much about Boston. Could you e-mail me with some of the streets that are featured in your photos? And then I will take it from there. Thanks! [email protected]

  11. I recognize one of those doors– I have family that lives there! I’m in Charlottesville, VA now, but REALLY miss being home in Boston when I have little reminders like this. Such a great city.

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