Obsessing Over: Green Grey Kitchens

I saw this first kitchen image in the new Canadian House & Home and thought, “That might be my perfect kitchen”.  The details that sold me were the dark grout with white subway tiles, the white marble, the brass hardware (if you had asked me about brass hardware two years ago I would have scoffed) and the gorgeous grey-green cabinetry! I have become obsessed with grey-green cabinets. Last year I was all “when we buy another place it will have dark grey/ black cabinets fo’ sho’ ” and now I am certain it will look like these below. What can I say, I am known to change my mind A LOT:



I spy ridiculously awesome wood ceilings!!! Ka-ching!



This one is a bit reverse, but how rich does wood look with this green color and brass?




A kitchen bu the fab Erika Powell of Urban Grace:

Picture 7

This kitchen via Martha Stewart is more grey than green, but I am obsessed with the whole thing- especially the brass bin pulls!


This is one of the new Martha Stewart for Home Depot kitchens! Love the island!

turkey_hill_getimage_xl turkey_hill_getimage_2_xl

Some great brass hardware options from Restoration Hardware that would look amazing in kitchen such as these:

Picture 9 Picture 8

Picture 10 Picture 11

And some vintage reproductions from Rejuvenation:

Picture 13 Picture 16

Picture 14 Picture 15

I’ll do some research on perfect grey-green paint colors for you too. :)


  1. I am a fan of the white subway tile with dark grout, too. An even bigger reason to love the dark grout? Less scrubbing! Amazing how brass is making a comeback. I, too, would have turned up my nose at brass a year ago. Brushed nickel was my finish of choice. Now, brass is everywhere, including the military-inspired fashion trends!

  2. Did I hear green and gray? Had to stop by and check it out. Two of my most favorite colors! I my gosh, love these kitchens. They are all going into my file! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Oh this is perfect – we just spent the past week painting our old knotty pine cabinets gray-green (Behr Flat Enamel Mocha Accent – looks fatique green in our kitchen)! They look fabulous. And as a bonus, our old black hammered strap hinges and pulls turned out to be copper. The copper is such a natural match for the color we chose (thank goodness!). Our new countertops arrive next week. I’ll send some pictures when it’s complete! Love your blog – keep it up!

  4. Hey Erin! Thanks for this post. What do you think about grey/green bathroom cabinets. We have a vanity that is pickled/white and I was just thinking about painting it an espresso color when you posted this inspiring bit of kitchenry…now you’ve got me re-thinking everything. Thanks, as always!

  5. ooh, I just spec’d grey grout with white subway tiles on a boys bath shower wall for a new project…love to hear someone else loves it…validation :-) BM’s Clarksville Gray is awesome, I’ve got it on my fireplace and in my powder bath…a great greeny gray!

  6. I have had that first picture on my screensaver forevah!!! My favorite kitchen. I love how the cabinets on the left side are set in. I love the bleached out floors. Stunning…..

  7. Grey Green is a big favorite of mine, too. Check out Farrow & Ball’s French Grey. Gorgeous. I considered it as a trim color for my daughter’s BR, paired with a light pink.

  8. I also love grey green kitchens. And like Kathleen D., Farrow & Ball’s French Gray is a favorite as well as Vert De Terre, which is fabulous. One of my favorite all time kitchens is a green grey – still in my files if you would like me to send.

  9. Duron’s Useful Gray is gray-green. I painted all my woodwork, built-ins, mantels it, paired with Duron’s Greek Villa walls (creamy off-white). I love it.

  10. The are great! I have thoughts about Erika’s 2 tone cabinets kitchen often, usually at random times like when I’m walking down the street or standing in line at the grocery. I love the contrast all in one with the cabinets.

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