Palihouse Hotel


Last night, my last evening in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting and dinging with the delightful Paloma Contreras and hella stylish Shannon Wollack at the Palihouse Hotel.  Before we went I of course had to research it and fell head over heels for the fantastic Paris meets London meet the East Village styling!  Such a fabulous place! I also happened to find out that Rob Pattinson has been known to throw back a beer or two at the bar- but alas, he was not there (even after crossing my fingers AND toes!)  It’s okay though, I got my celeb fix by sitting next to Kim Kardashian at Fred Segal’s yesterday at lunch!





OBSESSED with this huge framed grouping of Polaroids! Must copy this somehow…. it totally reminds me of Rita Konig’s Polaroid collection above her fireplace.



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  1. Love the polaroid art, too! Love any large-scale art. I wonder though…do you think the polaroids are effected being exposed to so much light? I know they naturally fade over time, which is rad, but I wonder if they are bothered being used as art. Such a cool concept. Looks like a fabulous hotel and isn’t Paloma so very sweet?!

  2. Gorgeous! I’ve been to an event there, but never seen the guestrooms – so fabulous! Hope you are having a fab LA trip – for more celeb sightings check out Barney’s in Beverly Hills – I ALWAYS see someone when I go!

  3. That’s literally down the street from my office! That place is so cool… So sorry we had an infernal heat wave just when you got here, after such a mild summer, how did you survive the heat?!

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