FashionSeptember 2, 2010

Product Junkies: Jenny from MFAMB.

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There are some blogs that just make you laugh out loud. My Favorite and My Best is one of the best at accomplishing that.  I adore Jenny’s take on design and her blunt delivery (and NSFW language).  So I asked her for her favorite product and of course, she put her own hilarious spin on it:


hey element readers…
i am old.  and i have used a lot of mascara in my time. but i always come back to this:
diorshow mascara in rich black


here are it’s key awesome components:
#1 it smells like roses!!
#2 it never clumps.  except when it starts to get old, which is right around 3 months- then i toss it and get a new one.
#3 it separates beautifully.
#4 i never get raccoon eyes.
#5 it washes off with whatever i wash my face with.
#6 my eyes smell like fucking roses!!!!!!!!!
thanks erin.
i love sharing my fave things…

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