Fashion Friday: Closet Case

This is one of those “full disclosure” posts.  As I scour the city and internet for perfect fall clothing I came to this realization- before I buy one more thing I have GOT to clean my closet.

Not just editing out things I don’t wear or don’t fit, but also figure out a way to get it organized, because I will freely admit, when it comes to my closet, I am a slob of the first order. Just take a look at my closet in it’s natural state of disarray- this was shot at 6 a.m. this morning with zero tidying (obviously).


Way to be, Erin. I hope you weren’t eating because that picture might cause you to lose your lunch.

Granted I’ve been insanely busy and many days run in, change clothes and chucking things like an NFL quarterback onto that top shelf or the floor.  But I have plenty of space to make it work. I took over the master closet and banished Andrew to the guest room which isn’t as mean as it sounds because I think he’d rather get a root canal than share a closet with me. Not just because I have so much crap, but because HE is the neat freak in this relationship. His closet is perfectly organized, pants all in one area, shirts in another…everything folded neatly. It’s Baxter’s safe haven from thunderstorms probably because it’s so calming and hiding in my closet would probably scar him for life.  He’s tried before and steps one foot in and then looks at me like “Seriously lady? You are a hot mess.”

So, here are some images of amazing closets that make me want to get my act together.  Granted, I do not have a separate room to make into a dressing space, but a girl can dream and be inspired to reach for the stars! :)

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But sometimes it’s nice to be inspired by more realistic images of closets, not those with flippin’ fireplaces in them. I loved seeing the awesome closet of blogger Kelly Framel a.k.a The Glamorai. Her amount of space is like mine, but she tricked it out to be so super duper organized yet cute! I feel a trip to The Container Store coming on….



glamourai_closet_4w glamourai_closet_8w



P.S. Is she not fabulous??? Her closet not only inspires me, but her fantastically fun way of dressing does too!






  1. A girl can dream…I woke up this morning thinking how I need to clean/change out summer clothes in my closet . Seeing these images makes me want to call a carpenter and rework mine instead…think I’m procrastinating…

  2. We just installed “ELFA” system from the Container Store. Different wood veneers, your choice of chrome or white wire…pretty, easy to install in ANY closet and you can design it yourself and they cut the pieces right in store for you to take home! I sound like a commercial, but when my husband and I moved into a loft with NO closets at all, ELFA was our best friend! :)

  3. I just cleaned out my shoe “condo” last night but I am a bit scared to start on my closet. It is nice to have both but I do have to share the spaces with my husband. Boo! Good luck! (And, by the way, not only does Kelly have a fab closet, she is perfectly beautiful too! Wow! We can all dream….) Happy Friday!

  4. Beautifully organized closets always do it for me! I pretend I live there, enjoying my neatly organized designer clothes :)
    The Container Store is a great place to start!

  5. oh, please! if you could only see my closet. It is beyond a disaster zone! There must be something in the air though because I’m trying to clean mine up too. Just went to the container store yesterday. Since your closet is so wide, if it were me I would throw a dresser in there. Just separate the shirts from the long drapey things and have shirts and skirts hanging above the dresser and do all the shoes below the dresses and longer items. Plus, that way you get to shop for a new dresser and maybe even some cute knobs at anthropologie! I love all those inspiration images. One day!

  6. My closet looks the same, or at least my side of it. I used to have the entire closet and my husband used the guest room closet, but now we moved and have a large walk in closet that we share. His side is freaky neat and my side is NOT. It does cause some arguments….I must get organized.

  7. Come to the Container Store and elfa your closet! You will get so much more room.
    And buy Huggable hangers. You will thank me. Thats what Kelly Framel has.

  8. Thank you, Erin!

    Exactly what I needed as I head into what I call my Closet Switch weekend. I keep seasonal clothes in our guest bedroom closet. In the spring and autumn, I do the big switch. I’ve planned it for this weekend and your post was such an inspirational boost.

  9. You should rule your closet, your closet should not rule you. I’m lucky enough to have two closets in my current apartment; while small, they help me keep my work wardrobe separate from my weekend/play wardrobe. Even then, I run into problems! What works for me is color coordinating… starting with whites and creams, then ROYGBIV followed by black. And don’t neglect the inside of your closet doors for hanging shoe racks and jewelry organizers!

  10. Erin, it will only take you a day to completely overhaul your closet. DEFINITELY buy the huggable hangers for everything. It will make your clothes fit better (i.e. more room for more clothes!), and will make it all look more streamlined. Simple dividers for your pants, jeans, purses, etc will make the top shelf look less cluttered. With a neat closet, it will take you less time to get ready too, since you can see and access everything! Good luck!

  11. One of your more hilarious posts ever. I love those beautifully organized closets but, seriously, I do not have that in my DNA.

  12. Nothing makes me happier than an organized closet! For my best friend’s birthday one year I organized her closet as my gift. It makes mornings SO much easier when you can see everything!

  13. Please tell me HOW you ladies have convinced your husbands to go to the guest room closet. My boyfriend WILL NOT budge from our shared closet, no matter how often I steal all the hangers and squeeze his items into the far corner. He thinks he’s entitled to the master closet just as much as I am! The nerve!

  14. I don’t think anybody’s closet really looks like that except on photo shoot days. You have the best intentions to keep it all organized and then slowly it just goes to pot. Still, your closet doesn’t look bad at all. You should see mine!

  15. Thank you for posting your closet, thank you for posting Kelly’s closet. Mine looks just like yours, except I do have all my clothes organized by color. That is my way of patting myself on the back. Can’t wait to move it over to the look of Kelly’s. Good luck with yours!

  16. Oh Erin…just when I think that I’ll never catch up to your level of togetherness you remind me why I love reading your posts! You should definitely get thee over to the Container Store…they’re actually still running their 25% off shelving sale through Sunday. Just think…organizational bliss with enough money left over to buy some new fabulous fashions to stock your closet with!

  17. Closet organization is key! Granted I am lucky enough to have a separate (albeit small) room for my clothes, shoes and accessories, having things broken down by type and occasion makes shopping your closet soo much easier. You’ll appreciate the time you spend organizing and your clothes will appreciate the treatment:) Good luck!

  18. Oh Erin, if we knew each other in real life and if I lived in Boston, I would come over this afternoon and whip that closet into shape for you! For some reason I love helping people organize this kind of stuff… I suppose it will be my ‘alternate career next time around.’

    Everyone’s suggestions are good ones here… get hangers that all match, organize by type of wardrobe piece (dresses, skirts, etc) and then by colour… and please please give all those poor shoes some loving care! My closet looks kind of like your top left ‘inspiration’ closet, and it’s really not that hard to achieve. Plus it almost makes you feel as though you’re going shopping every time you pick out an outfit!

  19. Hey Erin, I just did my closet re-org and the following products worked for me. Hope it will work for u too.
    These are the best stackable shoe racks I’ve found. Metal mesh shelve is easy to wipe down if it gets dirty. I stacked mine as tall as my nose and it is still sturdy.

    Those huggable hangers makes such a huge difference. Cheaper ones at Homegoods.

    Bed bath and beyond sells a dual level clothing rod that is expendable horizontally and vertically.I don’t see it on their website but it’s in their stores. The Container store has one too but it’s not expandable. You can use it to hang more clothes below your shirts. Good luck!

  20. these are beautiful closets! i think if you just colorize your clothes and get some wood hangers from ikea you can tackle the project in a couple of hours. it’ll help you get dressed better in the morning too!

  21. What a lovely post! I am amazed at what some very simple and inexpensive organizers can do. One of my fave ideas is dollar store plastic bins for shoes with a polaroid of the contents on the outside. I’ve also seen some very glam hangers in packs at Marshalls & Big Lots around my home… when we move again (which will be soon!) I may have to invest in this. Hmmm…

  22. Thanks for another lovely saturday perusing your weekly posts! Your posts are better than a glossy new magazine! XOXO

  23. Erin, you must let me do this. Closet organization is quite possibly one of my favorite past times :)

    Just ask Mike. He claims I spend more time in there than any room in the house!

  24. Erin – we just went through a DIY reno in our loft to build a walk in closet. The best thing (for me) is that we put in a partial double hang – I really think your closet could accommodate this, and you’d LOVE the extra space.

  25. That 6am shot might be my room if my clothes made it that far, they usually are in a state of disarray over dress mannikin / desk / bookcase / end of bed as I take hundreds of options out every morning for work… Would love one of these stunning dressing rooms though!

  26. Erin – your closet isn’t really that bad. Check out this makeover I recently did for Real Simple mag. Now THAT closet was a hot mess. Whipped it into shape in 2 days. If your closet is still in a state of disarray the next time I’m up in Bean Town, I’d be happy to help you out :) — Kate P

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