I saw a tweet from this lovely lady at Paperdoll about my blog and it’s addictive nature (stop, I’m blushing) so I decided to check out her website. So glad I did! I am so over the moon about her work- from wedding and birthday invites to personal stationery! Simple yet modern, it’s perfectly balanced with just enough whimsy but straight up killer style to balance it out! Just take a peek and tell me you don’t agree?

initials a9


This one looks like one of the vintage papers I have in stock- which was copied by Clarence House!



I worship these pre-post wedding silhouette cards included with the wedding invite- so chic!



Amazeballs. Happy birthday to me.


The best kitchen themed bridal invite I have ever seen. Buy it.


She published my secret baby name! Of my NON EXISTENT BABY (to the reader who commented on Twitter that she had a dream I was going to announce I was going to have twins? I’m not. I’m pregnant with two puppies, a business, 173 side projects and one hell of an anxiety disorder.)


Ok, this is my new fave stationery ever. The lining is killer paired with the sweet little script monogram. An then I saw the lining options and not only does this pattern come in various colors, but they have a David Hicks hexagon style lining too! Consider my face melted.


Picture 3

The cutest stationery to pack your kids when they go away to come! I wrote letter from camp to my parents on crappy lined paper and they went something like this “I hate camp. I can’t believe I have to be here. My bunk bed smells like mold. Someone stole my Bonne Bell lipgloss out of my Caboodle . Come get me. Love, Erin”



  1. FABULOUS new designs that you don’t see everyday. I don’t write on good stock like I once did but
    these could change that.

  2. Oh, yes – the whole lot of it is practically edible.
    Coincidentally, I now have “Paperdoll” by PM Dawn in my head, and that most certainly puts me in the geriatric age group for your blog! ;)

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