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I’m in a kind of strange mood lately. I feel both total delight in the fact that the smell of leaves and crisp air are here, that some aspects of life and business are pretty fab and i have an uncharacteristic lack of anxiety while at the same time a little burnt out, desirous of a change and a smidge BLAH. What could possibly lift me from my emotional weirdness?

A sequin skirt, that’s what.

There is something phenomenally happy and fun about a sequin miniskirt.  I don’t think I could be anything but chipper while wearing one on a night out (I still simply cannot get on board with day sequins. I cannot and I will not). You can tone it down with opaque tights and a boxy sweater and boots or sass it up with a slinky off the shoulder top and sky high heels. I think I need to try both. Itmight take a cocktail or two to get me out the door in it the first go round, but I think I need to give it a try.  So let’s see what’s available out there that will look cute and not make me look like a Vegas showgirl:

This affordable Victoria’s Secret version in Navy might be what I go for!

Picture 7
Picture 8

Ones by Parker and Kate Spade (leopard AND sequins???)

Picture 9
Picture 10

J.Crew and Alice and Olivia and Haute Hippie

Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 14

Now, what about  a dose pf sequins in the home in the form of a throw pillow? In the right place it could be unexpected and add a little attitude and funkiness to a room. But used poorly (or too liberally)  a train wreck it could be. Tricky. Very tricky.

Picture 2
Picture 3

Picture 4
Picture 5

Picture 6

Subtle sequins at West Elm right now! Love!


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