Fashion Friday: Easy Fall Dressing

A lot of you out there are busy moms, exhausted business owners, entrenched employees or fly by the seat of your pants artists- and you all have one thing in common- you need easy outfits that are comfortable yet chic and not hard to put together.  Here are a couple fall suggestions to get you going on this Friday (how is it Friday already???)

This is a great and easy outfit to feel stylish while running errands or going to play dates! The boots are super comfy (but probably not as comfy as my killer Target version-hee hee). Take off the cardi-coat if you get hot and pack a lot into that slouchy suede bag!

This I may have to get myself- a comfy sweater dress with tights and flat boots is a MUST HAVE fall staple.  This look is SO easy to dress down or up- during the day throw on a plain wool coat and bold scarf and you look casual. At night try this version below with a bold leopard trench and statement necklace (and maybe switch to lace up heeled oxfords)! TA DA!

This look would be my wardrobe- a BIG comfy cardigan with skinny jeans, slouchy boots and a big ol’ bag for all my crap (or lots of baby crap)! A great mommy outfit because it’s layered, comfortable but still looks really hip!

I also LOVE these looks from Ann Taylor Loft! They are simply KILLING IT this season-especially with their already paired “Looks We Love”!

Look 1:

Picture 1

Look 2:

Picture 3

Look 3:

Picture 4

Look 4:

Picture 5

Look 5:


  1. awesome post, Erin. I was at Ann Taylor Loft last night and they totally ARE killing it right now! I’m feeling some retail therapy this weekend…

  2. target has an IDENTICAL version of that splendid cardigan for $29.99. i should know…i have it :) super comfy and no one needs to know it’s a knock-off!

  3. I love the third look – very cool and I might take a trip to Target this weekend to check out the Splendid cardigan knock-off as Sarah mentioned.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. AWESOME tips! I am soo loving Ann Taylor right now too! I ordered several of the ‘looks we love’ hehe. REALLY bummed though that the trimmed camel coat was sold out :( It seems like great camel coats are really hard to get ahold of. They’re either a million dollars or they’re sold out everywhere. Thanks again though!

  5. I try to always catch your Fashion Fridays. I love this one with the different options. Can’t wait to shop!

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