Fashion Friday: Zany for Zara

Zara is one of those stores I have to shop at 10am on a Wednesday because on weekends the crowds and disarray give me hives. But I cannot tell you how many gems I’ve found there since my first trip there in 2000 when living in NYC.  And while it’s known as a “discount” store, I have items from them that lasted 10 years- no joke. My favorite pair of black capri pants came from them and my most favoprite black turtleneck sweater EVER (that I’ve never been able to replace) was a Zara purchase too.  So it;s not “wear it twice and toss it” kind of stuff.  They ahve fabulous jackets and outwear, blazers cut long and lean (yay!) and some really fabulous knitwear that even those of us who are allergic to most cheap sweaters can wear.  Right now they are killing it. Just take a peek at the things I’m coveting right now- and cross your fingers that someday they have online shopping for those of you who don’t have one in your town!

I have been looking for long, lean, high-waisted trousers just like these below- and a sexy tuxedo jacket to pair with skinny black pants and man-killer heels. FOUND!

5177162849_1189d96157 Picture 2

OMG, that little skirt is killing me.

Picture 3 Picture 5

Picture 4 Picture 6

Oh, hello boots. Come to mama.

Picture 1

SO MUCH LEOPARD!!!!! Be still my heart…

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8044792700_1_1_3 Picture 3

I love that they always have amazing necklines – folded, furry, off the shoulder, asymmetrical….

0367849524_1_1_3 1494957706_1_1_3

Speaking of asymmetrical- this little black dress is so fierce with that neckline!

7765810800_1_1_3 5418241700_1_1_3

Adore both these. Actually, would adore them together with tights and booties….

0367900818_1_1_3 2753257700_1_1_3

More shoes (and more LEOPARD!)

1125001195_1_1_3 6215301105_1_1_3

A girl can not have too many scarves.

6859001037_1_1_3 6859002800_1_1_3

Have a happy weekend, folks. And maybe pop by Zara…. :)


  1. Hi Erin, I agree that Zara has amazing styles. I would love to add any of the pieces you posted about to my wardrobe. BUT, have you been in there recently? The prices have skyrocketed and the quality of the fabric is just not worth those prices. They lost me.

  2. Erin …. this made me so happy, yet SO sad at the same time. I lived in Prague from February to July of this year and Zara was a godsend in that fashionably-retarded city. But now… I am living in a city with no Zara. Boooooo! And I agree with Christiana, the prices have gone way up (but the stuff is still fabulous, I got some really nice blazers there in the Spring)!

  3. TOTALLY AGREE…just put a wish list together for the husband and part of it was “anything from zara…no really, anything” i love them, too :)
    – jolene

  4. I heart Zara.
    When are they going to have an online shop for US customers? I am still waiting!
    Are there any other brands like Zara that you know of?

  5. TOTALLY! i have most of the same items on my list to get when in New York next week. No ZARA in Charleston:(
    I agree about the early Wednesday shopping! see you there next Wednesday:)

  6. I’m obsessed with Zara. The clothes always look so easy, like you just threw it on but still look fabulous. Also, I need those leopard booties. STAT

  7. I used to live in Spain (where Zara is based) and it was SUCH a staple of my wardrobe! I haven’t loved it as much here in the US, but will have to try it again. This year many comparisons have been made between their collections and Phoebe Philo’s designs for Celine. No question Zara is certainly using her as inspiration!

  8. couldn’t live without out zara here in barletta, italy where you either buy designer or clothes from the market. zara is my in between go-to shop. :)

  9. I am obsessed with Zara! While living in Spain there used to be one on every corner, and I was going through withdrawals until they opened one recently near my house in OC, CA. Great items in the post!

  10. Erin,

    Your post inspired me to go to Zara again. I live in Seoul, South Korea and I bought a fabulous leopard print scarf. It cost almost $130. The fabric is not even quality but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the print. I had to have it.

    But these other people are right. I used to live in Rome and I bought a fabulous aviator faux leather jacket from zara with a high neck. It was only $65. Prices haveSKYROCKETED!

    I still love the style but don’t like the prices anymore. But, I love your blog! Keep writing, you inspire my creative side!

  11. Love Zara. And you are so right about timing your visit to that store !!! I’m wayyy older than you, but I find the best
    jackets at Zara. Never leave empty handed!

  12. Hi! I’m from Barcelona (I love your blog!). Zara has now shoping online and an app for iphone too! It’s amazing. Enjoy it!

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