How Does Your Garden Grow

I saw this awesomely creative garden/potting room from the Shippan Designer Showhouse on Stacy Kustel’s blog and had to share. Designer Victoria Lyon and Robin Horton of Urban Gardens crafted such a  charming, relaxed space for those with a green thumb.  From the greenery wall to the birds on the wall it makes me wish I had a garden to tend to!








This room reminds me that I am still dying to see the new Anthropologie gardening outpost Terrain in PA!

Hello killer signage….




These zinc tags remind me of the room above! They would actually be great as gift tags too this holiday season!


They also sell vertical garden wall containers to create a green wall like the one at the showhouse!


I love these various terrariums! I want some in my house!

HOUS-TERR-42-001001-stndrd-m HOUS-TERR-34-001001-alt03-s-l

How about these gorgeous lights?


And there is no more perfect post than this with which to wish my mom, the ultimate gardener (remember her gardens I showed you here?) a very, very happy 60th birthday! Love you!!!


  1. Erin,
    a great weekend trip for you and your mom some day- visit to Brandywine area: Winterthur, Longwood Gardens , Styler’s/ Terrain nursery, store and restaurant, antiques and galleries sprinkled throughout the area..beautiful part of the country

  2. also thanks for thinking of us gardeners in your blog…I am also obsessed with the beauty of flowers, trees and shrubs

  3. I visited terrain last month and it was fabulous! I mean fabulous! You have got to visit. Love your idea of using the zinc tags for holiday wrapping.
    Amy Meier

  4. Erin, definitely put Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, London, UK on your list of places to go. This post has made me homesick for England – and I’m not even properly British!

    (It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a garden because their furniture and restaurant is to die for too – and good for celeb spotting….)

  5. Erin thanks for the lovely post on the Creative Garden Retreat that I did at the Shippan Designer Show House. Glad you liked it! My design partner, Robin Horton of Urban Gardens also needs to be credited for the space though. You might also enjoy her blog. Yours is wonderful. I think I will start a blog rool on my blog and put you on it! As for Sarah, have her contact me ([email protected]) as that wonderful topiary doggie is for sale. We also have a Basset Hound and two cats…

  6. Erin, what a wonderful post for your mom! I’m so flattered you found inspiration in a few of my images. Victoria Lyons and Urban Gardens did such a nice job with the space. It isn’t often you see a showhouse room with such a natural feel to it. I dream of having a little potting shed like this some day!

  7. Erin , so mice to hear that the Creative Garden Retreat got your creative juices flowing! That’s just what we wanted i to do! Although I have been a designer for 30 years, and have designed the interiors of my own homes as well as a client’s NYC apartment, this is the first time I have designed a show house space. I am grateful to Victoria Lyon for inviting me to do so with her. It gave me a chance to bring to life many of the concepts I have written about on my blog while transforming a utilitarian space into a creative one. I also love Terrain! Check out my post about them and some other other cool shops:

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