Penguin Classics

I’ve been reading a lot lately- I find that more so than tv, I am able to check out and relax deeper when reading.  And I must admit, there have been times when I have picked up books because their covers are beautifully designed. I think it would be such a cool job to design book covers!  I have long been in love with these Penguin Classics hardcovers. These would dress up any bookshelf so nicely- and give you a great library to treasure forever!


My personal new favorite is the Emma cover….chairs, naturally….


But I also love the classic old school Penguin covers.The orange, white and black covers (clearly a new favorite color combo of mine) are just so fantastic.


And so when I saw this framed print by illustrator Alanna Cavanaugh I swooned- I love the graphic quality AND the book she chose to print!

Picture 2

Note the coffee stains. Makes it all the better.

Picture 3

There’s only one limited edition print left on her site so if you LOVE it, hop to it! :)


  1. I LOVE the new penguin classics too. I have bought at least 10, but funny, though I can’t bring myself to read them. I don’t want to marctgeir perfection. Still I have used them a bunch in photo shoots. They are so lovely . Makes me want action that is a real library in my home. Xx Lynn

  2. The new ones are lovely, but the Classic Penguin covers are so cozy and comfortable! I will always have a soft spot for the orange and white covers! Loving that print, by the way; what a great idea!

  3. I love collecting beautiful books! My sister is an artist and I had her recreate some of my favorite book covers on large canvases for my living room. There’s so much beauty in them, it’s hard not judge a book by its cover.

  4. Absolutely lovely! Living in Sweden, it´s not very easy to get a hold of things that is modern i USA, but I found that Penguin in UK ships to Sweden so I think I´m gonna order a couple of those!;-) Also, I´m in love with Etsy – it´s the only way to buy those stunning chevron and imperial trellis throw pillows since that kind of fabric is no where to be found over here:-) Waiting for mine to arrive and I´m so excited!:-) Thank you for writing such an inspiring blog, I absolutely love it!

  5. Hi Erin,
    Thanks for your lovely post. Glad my prints made you swoon!
    FYI two of my titles have sold out but I have 11 remaining prints in the Room of One’s own edition.
    Best wishes,

  6. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one spending more time reading. The television is definitely slipping out of my life. From what I can see on the spine, there are scissors on the Little Women cover. Very appropriate.

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