1. She is an absolutely beautiful woman and seems just as wonderful as Lady Di – I hope they have a wonderful life together – and it sure is a good start with ring both as beautiful and sentimental as that!

  2. I have been obsessing over this ALL day. I so hope that they can lead a somewhat “normal” life…she is ADORABLE!!

  3. I think it’s so sweet and sentimental about the ring, and it’s so dreamy!! I can’t wait to see this wedding and I hope they can have a long and happy marriage with all of the pressure and attention. There’s just something about the royals that is so fascinating.

  4. I have such a major obsession with the couple, the wedding, and the ring! It’s so gorgeous. One of my former teachers has a similar engagement ring and I always thought it was so beautiful.

  5. It was a truly sweet touch. I love that he wanted his mum to be included in this special way. I’ll be waking up early to watch the wedding…can’t wait!

  6. What an awesome talisman…everytime she glances at her hands she will be remineded of Princess Diana and the daunting responsibility her legacy leaves. Wouldn’t want it to be me for quids! Hope she takes a leaf out of the book of Princess Mary of Denmark. They even have similar style…

  7. * That’s undoubtedly the most beautiful, sentimental and meaningful PROMISE he could ever make to her… He was so very close to his “Mum”, and that he wanted, and CHOSE, lovely Kate to have this, says he TRULY, DEEP DOWN INSIDE loves this woman… (he would NOT chance giving Di’s ring to anyone BUT “THE ONE”). .. And YES, he DOES believe they CAN make it work… and I think they can. I hope so. It certainly looks like he is COMMITTED to her, and from pics I’ve seen of her, she is committed to him. (And I MUST add, he has turned into SUCH a handsome young fellow~ I hope Di is smiling down on them!!!)…

    Ohhhhh how I think we ALL wish them EVERY CHANCE at LOVE, JOY, PEACE and ETERNAL HAPPPINESS TOGETHER as start their hopefully beautiful journey…

    Linda in AZ * (Married to “THE ONE” at 18, & loving each other even MORE now, 43 years later… it CAN be GREAT!)
    [email protected]

  8. I can wait until they set a date, so I can plan my wedding-viewing party, which of course will have to start at 4 AM

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