The Best of Rue Issue 2

Bravo to the crew at Rue Magazine for their second issue released yesterday. There were two spaces that absolutely made my knees buckle specifically though- that of Windsor Smith and Kelley Moore.

Windsor Smith is a goddess. Seriously, the woman has such impeccable taste.  Her space feels fun yet restrained, bold yet serene, new yet traditional- a balance very hard to achieve. It may be my new favorite interior!

I love the feeling and mix going on in this room….modern art, vintage rug, lots of white and the mix of black and blue (not a big no-no anymore!)

Picture 8


Picture 9

Picture 10

Banquette with tufting? Check. Audrey photo? Check. Elegant wallpaper? Check.

Picture 11

BEYOND elegant and dramatic. Moody dark blue is a new favorite paint color for dining rooms and small bathrooms.

Picture 12

This room is a bit bright for my taste, but I do not hold it against her. :)

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

I am still totally obsessed with black cabinets. I will have them someday, mark my words!

Picture 16

As a small business owner with an undone office, the office of Kelley Moore literally made me gasp. I would never stop working if I had an office like this.  This mix of old beams and bricks with sleek accessories and bold color and pattern  is simply STUNNING!

BAM! How freakin’ sweet is this space???

Picture 17

Love this little vignette!

Picture 18

Picture 19

I mean, come on. The awesomeness is palpable.

Picture 20

Picture 21

Does anyone have an empty old warehouse for rent for cheap???

Picture 22


  1. all the dark, “moody” blues and blacks- I’m loving! Those dark blue drapes in the first living room are so indulgent (in a good way)- everything is just stunning!

  2. Does anyone know where I can find the blue/dark gray large buffalo check drapery panels (or the fabric used to make them) in the Kitchen table image?

  3. I agree, that living room was my absolute fave room in the whole issue (hello grey and purple, tufting and Moroccan end tables!) And that warehouse office is so dramatic, glamorous and–most importantly–unique.

  4. Ok I cannot stop staring at the sink in that bathroom picture. That thing is a work of art! Who knew a sink could inspire such envy?!

  5. These were my favorites too! Read your advice on blogging in the post above. TOTALLY AGREE! In face a friend just called me and asked me how to start a blog and I basically said everything you said. Post a lot, leave a lot of comments on other blogs, and most of all have your own voice!

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