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Adios 2010.


( a sign my dad gave me for xmas to put near my desk. I love it.)

Tonight marks the end of a very complex year for me.  2010 brought with it a tidal wave of work opportunities, emotions and changes for me, and with that some life lessons I had to learn both the hard way and some slowly but surely as I progress through this life. I am known to be a very “busy” girl- always doing something, going somewhere, walking fast and passing slow trodding folk like a Lamborghini on a race track.  I have trouble sitting still with myself and doing nothing, and because of this trait I have been able to work hard to very quickly build a successful buisiness, and even, I daresay, the beginnings of a personal brand.  But with all that business and frothy heaps of opportunity comes a whole hell of a lot of stress. And stress is NOT a good color on me, folks.

But let’s start with the good stuff, since we should always start by counting our blessings, even us pessimists (ahem). This year I got to do so much: work on  several amazing homes from Boston condos to large country estates to apartments in Brooklyn.  I was able to fine tune my eye and learn more and more about design with each new project.  I completed designs I am so proud of and that feels FABULOUS. I got to tour J.Crew’s headquarters and have a private meeting with Jonathan Adler. I was asked to be a part of what is SURE to be the hottest now online mag High Gloss. I had my own column in one local magazine and was asked to do a shoot with another big one. I got to do two fun and creative design projects for a fabulous charity. I started a fashion styling component to the blog and had fun shopping and closet cleaning with delightful women. I opened an actual office and found the most perfect assistant for whom I thanks my lucky stars for everyday, and even sold a piece of my own artwork. And during it all I kept writing this blog every morning and trying to make it the best it can be (and thankfully, it began making me a little income too). I owe this blog everything I have and it has made me who I am today. It still amazes me.

But as the year went on and the opportunities got bigger and more frequent I was troubled by the fact that instead of feeling elated I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  “Why am I not thrilled beyond belief?” became a question I asked myself a lot. I was feeling like I could never say no to anything, after all, this is what people say about “having your 15 minutes”, right? I felt I had to do as much as humanley possible because it was sure to dissipate. I also did not want to seem snobby or ungrateful for such luck and good fortune. This made me super anxious and I wasn’t sure what to do except to keep saying yes.  Making decisions for myself has always been troublesome and having to make so many important ones was seeming to get the best of me.  And then the TV offers came in- one at a time, and as you remember I turned down the first because I felt like I needed to put my clients first and the timing was too rushed for me to square away my responsibilities in order to take it on fully.  A decision I still think was best.  Then in between that offer and the next my stress level got so bad (due to some medical issues I’m not going to get into here) that I had to turn a truly magnificent opportunity down at the advice of my doctors and family. This destroyed me and left me feeling like a failure. And I got pretty f-ing sad about the fact that I wasn’t “strong” enough to just deal with all this pressure and stress.  And I felt guilty about my pain because no one seemed to understand it since from the outside my life seems “perfect”.  But that strive for perfection is what undoes me again and again. From my battle with anorexia to my continued struggle with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (hence the end of the “What I’m Wearing” series) I have always felt that I personally and professionally needed “fixing” in order to get to the unattainable status of “perfect”.

But what IS perfect? It’s not like there is a definition in the dictionary that outlines it so you can make a check list.  That’s why perfectionism is so dangerous- just watch Black Swan and you’ll see. It hardly ever comes from external pressures, but rather the internal pressures we put on ourselves for no reason- and they are endless. Your body has to be this size, your hair this way, your bank account this full, your closet stacked with  this and that, a spouse with these credentials.  But what’s so wrong with eating pizza two nights in a row? Or trying a new hair cut and hating it? Or doing something you love for less money? Or loving someone because they make you laugh and don’t have an impressive title.  I want to gift myself that freedom this year.  That sweet, cool breeze of being in the moment and enjoying life for it’s imperfections and it’s beauty in equal measure. I don’t want to waste a single second more fretting over the grass that’s greener over there on the other side or what I think everyone expects of me.

I realize this is pretty personal and probably uncomfortable to read, and some of you may think I’m nuts. Despite all this, I am aware of how lucky I am, I truly am, but I also believe that just because you happen to be rather fortunate does not make you immune to troubles. I am not whining, just putting it out there just in case there is another woman somewhere reading this who now doesn’t feel alone in her own struggles. After all, as Plato said so wisely “Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. And despite the low points and struggles, I feel I am becoming a better person as I navigate them.  Everything happens for a reason, and this particular moment is defining me and making me more grateful and whole.  So as I happily close the book on 2010, I welcome 2011 with some personal goals that will help me become a better person and enjoy this life that I was blessed to be given:

– To stop caring and thinking about what everyone thinks of me. It does not matter, what matters is what I think of me.

– To focus on building a sense of self-confidence that puts a spring in my step and smile on my face more often.

– To make time to paint and write more and not feel like it’s a waste of time because it’s not “work”.

– To breathe more deeply, look more keenly and feel more deeply the nuances of daily living.

My professional goals are rather dull- you know, to get more organized financially and in the office, keep my sample closet cleaner, etc. but I think that working on my personal goals will lead to this naturally.  Frenetic stress creates disorder and I’m hoping calmer confidence will create alphabetized binders! Ta da!

Above all, I want to thank each and every one of you for reading. For your thoughtful comments, sweet emails and face to face meetings.  You are what keeps me going everyday.  On my worst days, I still make sure to get up and write and that instantly makes my day a little better. The devotion I feel to showing up everyday here is nearly religious for me.

I also want to just thank some people quickly for their extraordinary friendship, help, inspiration and love: Andrew  (he of endless patience), Baxter and Oliver (who refuse to let me be sad) Mom, Dad, Mike, Connor, Jill, Lizzie, Susanna, Snooze, John, Marie W., Lindsey R., Matt K., Erika T., Laura H., Jenn K., Kate T., Jessica S., Sarah W., Betty R., Richard & Aris S., Melissa S., David M., Paloma and the High Gloss team, Jill R., Erica C., Stacy K., Julie R., Mary B., Dr. Lytle, Paula K and her team, my amazing clients, my hard working vendors and most of all you readers. I love every one of you. (And to those I forgot….it’s early)

Have a very happy new year- I’ll be ringing it in with some great friends while we get some good laughs courtesy of Chelsea Handler at Mohegan Sun! A perfect way to start “our best year yet” (according to one Andrew Gates).

Love and Happiness in 2011- and maybe some perfectly acceptable imperfection too!


Black Swan Fashion

I saw Black Swan weeks ago and I still have a hard time describing how I feel about it.  Finding it both gruesome and yet deeply thought provoking, I think I reacted different to it than some others.  Having struggled with perfectionism for most of my life  I felt a sympathy towards Nina and her unwavering quest to be the perfect Swan Queen. It struck a nerve in me, one that has not stopped reverberating since seeing the film ( more on that tomorrow in my “end of the year reflections” post).  But even though the movie makes ballet seem stressful and even violent in a way- it still made me want to take ballet lessons. Which is kind of messed up. But the beauty of the art form is something I have not considered in a long time.  While I doubt I’ll run over to the Boston Ballet and try to become a dancer, I may hit up that Ballet Core class at my gym….





What girl never wanted a tutu? The costumes for the White Swan and Black Swan were gorgeous. Rodarte designed the costumes based on the epic artwork be Degas and his ballerina series. As I was watching the movie I was thinking about how one could incorporate ballerina looks into street clothes (minus an actual tutu).



Fashion lines are  also taking note, or looked into their mysterious fashion crystal balls and knew that ballet inspired style would end up catching on. I mean, after seeing the movie I really wanted to dance around the house in leg warmers and shrugs- go figure.  While leg warmers MAY not become all the rage on the street, lots of ballet inspired fashion will be rampant. Shopbop did a spread of just this not too long ago:

page 3


Ballet inspired clothing looks and fashion from Shopbop-7

Chloe’s Spring 2011 line features some very “en pointe” looks

Picture 2Picture 7

Tod’s is releasing a special design of it’s driving shoe complete with ankle wrap ribbons!


I created a more wearable collection of black swan and white swan inspired looks- a little sparkle, lots of feathers and an exquisitely feminine look.


Sue Wong Feather Dress, BCBG heel, Kate Spade Swan Lake clutch, BCBG one shoulder dress, feather earring, silk top, knit fingerless gloves,

Club Monaco feather skirt, Bando feather piece


Bando hair piece, Club Monaco dress, Etsy wedding dress, Sue Wong feather dress, J.Crew bracelet, ModCLoth skirt, feather earring, J.Crew purse, Nina Ricci ballet flat

As I mentioned, tomorrow I’ll be wrapping up the year on EOS, hence a “Fashion THursday”- check back to read my thoughts on life, work and what’s next.

Ebay Finds

Ebay is truly an incredible source for affordable antiques.  I was turned off from it years ago when the “Gucci” bag I bid on arrived made of plastic and clearly a fake.  But I’ve had great success as far as furniture items go and went in search of some fabulous finds just for you!

I am obsessed with the incredible hardware on this credenza! And it’s a great price too!

Picture 12

Picture 1

This lucite bar cart would be fabulous in any little corner of the house

Picture 13

I love the rogal style of this pair of x-bottom chairs- and for only $200 each it’s an easy way to add a little antique style to your home.

Picture 14

A pair of faux bamboo side tables are made more glam with white marble tops- just paint the legs any glossy color for an instant update.

Picture 15

This set of dining chairs has such a unique back- I’d paint them glossy black or white and upholster the seats in a modern fabric.

Picture 16Picture 17

These chairs are a STEAL at $299 for the pair- again, a simple refinish job and they become treasures!

Picture 18

These mirrors are NOT cheap, but they are magnificent and so unusual! I adore them!

Picture 19

These carved marble horse head bookends would add a really fabulous look to any book shelf (especially one where the back is painted a dark color!)


This chippendale cabinet reminds me of Eddie Ross’ fabulous secretary makeover! Such potential with some paint and new hardware!

Picture 20Picture 21

eddie ross secretary after_thumb[1]

I love me a fun Sputnik pendant light!

Picture 22

I have always loved these steel faux bamboo chairs– no refinishing needed, just some fun cushions!


This small scale buffet is perfect for a small dining room or apartment. Refinish in a glossy paint and you’re golden.


A very unique lucite chandelier– from far away it may look like a traditional empire style fixture, but up close you see it’s true material and detail! Way cool in my opinion!


And last but not least, these absolutely unbelievable chinese chippendale gothic dining chairs– the set of 8 will set you back over $4,000 but these are TRUE antiques and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I would consider loosing a limb for them. Sweet lord.



Weekend Find

While at home I always pop into the little town near my parents’ home where there are a few antique shops.  As I was meandering through the largest store where I usually find all my good stuff, I turned the corner and saw this emerald green velvet chair with a unique faux bamboo arm detail and killer brass nail head trim. I immediately thought it would be expensive as it’s in great condition but for some reason they priced it low. REALLY low.  And so I hurriedly sat my butt down on it to guard it while having Andrew go look for someone to take my money so we could leave before they realized they forgot to add a very important digit or two. I’m pondering what to do with it- lacquer it white or black and change the velvet to peacock blue or dark grey? Maybe a print? I’m not sure yet- as it’s still in my parents’ barn since our car was too full of gifts to get it home this trip! Andrew thinks I need a 12 step program for buying vintage chairs. I may have to agree.