A Couple Good Finds…

I’ve been coveting this mirror from Wisteria for a WHILE now….but it’s $2,400 price tag keeps me admiring only.


For about 1/10th of the price you could pick up this version at Pier 1. Not exactly the same, but pretty darn close.


I also love this mirrored buffet  by Oly Studio. Also the cost of a small country, which is a problem for me.


But these at Home Decorator’s Collection could give you a similar look for so much less.



  1. The difference in the mirrors is nothing but a spray of platinum paint or metallic wax. That is wild. The console at the lower price looks better to me. I’m going to Pier 1 To get that mirror. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was just at Pier 1 and the mirror is really stunning in person – large and looks more expensive then it is! Love finding great deals – thanks for sharing!

  3. You can get the original mirror from Made Goods… you are a designer so you would get designer prices I suppose! Oly stuff is unaffordable, even with designer discounts…

  4. I have seen both of those mirrors in person, and while the Pier 1 mirror is pretty, it doesn’t hold a candle to the one at Wisteria. But $2400, yikes!

  5. I have been obsessed with the armoire version of that oly studio piece in white for years! But like you said – the price of a small country means I look but can’t touch!

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  7. I just discovered your blog and after scrolling through prev I’ve learned we both covet the Wisteria Peacock Mirror AND love a good Anchorman reference as noted on our blogs. Gotta love a girl/blog with great taste :) I will definitely be a follower.

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