Frame Game

I love this image from the new Lonny of this push pin baord made from a vary large ornate antique frame and an interesting fabric.  This one is fabulous because it is SO large a framed painting is even hung ON it. Scale is so important in creating drama like this!

Picture 18 I’d suggest keeping your eyes peeled at flea markets and on eBay for oversize old frames like this (which I have seen at Brimfield in spades). However if you aren’t keen on hunting one down, these bulletin boards have it all done for you- just find a great fabric or even wallpaper and spray mount it to the cork or use small silver tacks to attach around the edge (like nailheads).

il_570xN.201729301 il_570xN.201716067

Ballard makes some great framed bulletin boards, one SUPER large that would be very dramatic! You could paint the frame a bold color and again, add wallpaper or fabric over the cork!

WC111_main WC077_main

They aren’t cork boards, but I found this awesome Etsy vendor who makes these fun chalboards from vintage ornate frames too…. great for a kitchen, office or kids room.

il_570xN.190190780 il_570xN.186876013





  1. Erin, I have been wanting to do this for the “office” I created in my living room! Lucky me that you’ve devoted an entire post to just the thing I’m looking for. No time for Brimfield, but I will definitely check out Ballard. Thanks!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I have been looking for way to create a vision board and this will be practical and stylish at the same time. LOVE!

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