The Ultimate Design Junkie Holiday Gift

Have you noticed (you have, I know you have) that every room in a glossy design magazine is made all that more awesome by the draping of the iconic Hermes Avalon blanket? It is the ULTIMATE item to have in your living room not only because it’s clean geometry and subtle statement somehow manages to make every space it graces kick ass. It’s a fact.  Now, the tough part is that the regular size blanket, which is not even all cashmere, only PART cashmere, part wool, is a jaw-dropping $1,125. And now there is a GIANT version (which I can imagine would be a killer bedspread that will put you back over $2,000.  I will be the first to say this is RIDICULOUS. But, and you may no agree with this, an item like this is a forever piece. One that, if you don’t let your dogs chew their bully sticks all over it, could be passed down to another generation. Call me crazy, but sometime these overpriced, fancy label items are worth their money.

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This room below makes me giddy- the leopard rug, the blanket and the slightly rustic accents…..


bedroom poufs-Style Court







Picture 37

And remember when Mr. Big unceremoniously dumped Carrie at the altar, who was there to comfort her? Charlotte’s Hermes blanket, of course.


Maybe someday….


  1. Fun post! I splurged on this blanket in camel and cream last year and have never looked back, it literally makes me happy every time I walk by it so well worth the price tag for me personally as I will use it forever! I’ve paired mine over a neutral sofa, added a hide rug and glass waterfall table and some great photography and its my favorite nook in our place.

  2. I just did a camel colored master room and sitting area…I draped this blanket on a brown leather chair for the husband and he said it is his favorite part of the room of course he doesn’t know the price tag though :)

  3. I love the blanket every time I see it but was disappointed that it was like 90% wool and 5% cashmere. I didn’t buy it (yet) because I thought every time someone sees it they would think look at the idiot who spent $2000 on a blanket. That being said I feel the same way when I carry my Berkin.

  4. I’m sorry, i’ve never seen the appeal of this blanket, for serveral reasons. A. it’s outrageously priced and not even the best quality really. Have you touched it? it’s not outrageously soft or anything. B. talk about product placement -that H? So tacky…. is it so everyone sees you have this expensive blanket and they know automatically what you paid for it?
    Honestly, I’d rather have something like paul smith, which is incredible quality and has personality without a blaring label on it. But different strokes for different folks!

  5. I must admit that, like architectdesign, I don’t understand the appeal of this blanket. It’s okay looking, but not gorgeous. If I had $1100 to spend on decorating, it wouldn’t be spent on a blanket.

  6. I personally don’t understand the appeal. Why do I need a big ‘H’? I feel that there will always be quality pieces you should splurge on, like sofas, and casegoods. But honestly, unless I have an initial that is H, I’m not spending that much money for a wool blanket.

  7. I also do not get it. Why spend this kind of money on a blanket? I think it is laughable that a $1,100 blanket is used in a child’s room above. I can’t imagine the level of stress I would have worrying that my 8 year old would destroy it by spilling chocolate milk or wearing her dirty shoes on it!

  8. Personally, I think a colorblocked blanket without the H (or with any other letter) would make those rooms look just as good. The appeal is that everyone who sees it will know it’s Hermes. It’s brilliant marketing – even more so than designer bags since I would bet that these blankets don’t cost near as much to make. Oh well, to each her own!

  9. I wish that I found the price offensive and didn’t want one of these. In reality, I find the price unrealistically high — and totally want one. ;)

  10. C’mon, Erin – seriously??? I certainly don’t fault anyone for coveting expensive items, but in this economic climate I have to sympathize with my fellow middle class Americans and say WTF??! An $1100 blanket? Just because it has an “H” on it? For me this is right up there with the $10,000 sofa. Unless it’s going to clean my house, watch my kids and make me 10 pounds lighter, I don’t have any use for it. As for the heirloom quality of it, I have many lovely, and inexpensive items, that have been passed down to me. Like the gorgeous, non-labeled, compote dish that belonged to my grandmother, who bought it at her grandmother’s estate auction when she was a child. For only 25 cents. Because that’s all she had.
    Of course I admire expensive items too, but even if I had the money I just couldn’t justify the purchase. Not now, not ever.

  11. I was in Hermes yesterday with my mother and sister, in San Francisco. The ties, scarves, buttery purses, saddles (I’m a rider), and shoes made me melt. But it was the blankets- I said, “oh, this is on my ‘one day list.” Then mom said, “I’ve always felt that way too. I’m re-doing my living room in the spring, and I’ve decided I’m going to get one.” Looks like I’ll be having tea at mom’s more often once that baby arrives! Now, which color?!

    p.s., I found you because I was one of the 12 Days winners! Of the gorgeous red tie-dye clutch. Ah, I LOVE it, cannot wait for it to arrive!!

    xo, corinna

  12. Brand flashing on clothing is bad enough, but it’s even more repulsive in decor.
    I would only ever invest in their leather pieces.

  13. @ Jen – I couldn’t agree with you more. People, stop trying so hard! It looks contrived, predictable and desperate.

  14. I totally respect the taste of people that don’t like the blanket for aesthetical reasons, but as a french person, one thing i cant let people say is that Hermes is not about quality. This is the last ultimate luxury brand that exists on earth, everything is about label, mass consumption, celebrity endorsement… Hermes is a family owned business fighting for Lvmh not to take the company over in stock exchange, they keep their ideals for doing business, the stars are the products and the quality is the same than for haute couture, it is “little hands” ( people with a professional and artistic talents that will at some point disappear, because the savoir faire got passed on one generation to another) that make the products. Wool is wool, lets face it: half of cashmere products made in the world are not real cashmere because the cashmere production doesnt cover a quarter of the demand for it. So except from very rare and high luxury brands ( loro piana ) its not 100% cashmere. Hermes was always meant for royalty, not the masses. But the quality behind it is still the way it was intended from the behinning.

  15. I have the grey / black version that Carrie is using in the last photo….ironically, given to me by the man who broke my heart! I’ll tell you what, that blanket is the best luxury and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! To die for, honestly.

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