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The Ultimate Design Junkie Holiday Gift

Have you noticed (you have, I know you have) that every room in a glossy design magazine is made all that more awesome by the draping of the iconic Hermes Avalon blanket? It is the ULTIMATE item to have in your living room not only because it’s clean geometry and subtle statement somehow manages to make every space it graces kick ass. It’s a fact.  Now, the tough part is that the regular size blanket, which is not even all cashmere, only PART cashmere, part wool, is a jaw-dropping $1,125. And now there is a GIANT version (which I can imagine would be a killer bedspread that will put you back over $2,000.  I will be the first to say this is RIDICULOUS. But, and you may no agree with this, an item like this is a forever piece. One that, if you don’t let your dogs chew their bully sticks all over it, could be passed down to another generation. Call me crazy, but sometime these overpriced, fancy label items are worth their money.

Picture 3
Picture 4

Picture 5
Picture 6

This room below makes me giddy- the leopard rug, the blanket and the slightly rustic accents…..


bedroom poufs-Style Court







Picture 37

And remember when Mr. Big unceremoniously dumped Carrie at the altar, who was there to comfort her? Charlotte’s Hermes blanket, of course.


Maybe someday….

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