Weekend Find

While at home I always pop into the little town near my parents’ home where there are a few antique shops.  As I was meandering through the largest store where I usually find all my good stuff, I turned the corner and saw this emerald green velvet chair with a unique faux bamboo arm detail and killer brass nail head trim. I immediately thought it would be expensive as it’s in great condition but for some reason they priced it low. REALLY low.  And so I hurriedly sat my butt down on it to guard it while having Andrew go look for someone to take my money so we could leave before they realized they forgot to add a very important digit or two. I’m pondering what to do with it- lacquer it white or black and change the velvet to peacock blue or dark grey? Maybe a print? I’m not sure yet- as it’s still in my parents’ barn since our car was too full of gifts to get it home this trip! Andrew thinks I need a 12 step program for buying vintage chairs. I may have to agree.





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  1. Hi Erin –

    What antique place do you like? I grew up in Norwich, CT and often go hunting with my Mom for antiques around there.


  2. That is some chair! Great find! I’m going back to Connecticut after the New Year for a vacation. I was wondering if you could recommend a couple of antique shops around the University or even Hartford? (If it’s a good place, I don’t mind driving!) Thanks so much!

  3. Okay that chair is to DIE for. You must tell what you paid for it!! I am so curious. That should go for like $200 plus I would think. Great find as always!!! Lacquer it black or your hermes orange with a beige-y/camel zebra print ! Would be fab!! Very williams sonoma home-ish or Adler-ish

  4. Wow, Erin: score! I actually think it looks good as is. Personally I’m not a fan of the color green, so I’d pick a different color. But I like the unpainted wood and the idea of a solid color to keep things simple, since the chair already has interesting things going on in terms of its shape.

  5. Call me old fashioned, but I love it just like it is. With a great funky pillow to spunk it up. But I could see it being fabulous with a makeover too! Awesome score! A girl could never have too many chairs, I say.

  6. … ok i can relate! seems i always have a knack of finding the greatest deal on a vintage chair that was ever out there…. most of them are in my attic waiting for a coat of black lacquer and/or snazzy upholstering (which i am trying to learn to do myself… not moving on that one quickly). either painting or upholstering is a win-win situation. love it tons. how much?????

  7. OK…that chair is SICK and by that I mean so very good! You don’t need a 12-step program…you need to start a furniture shop! God I love that chair. It will haunt me in my dreams. (PS I picture it with a great chinoserie fabric and white details.) Good luck and great find!

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