Weekend Project

Remember I have been planning to paint the interior of my antique sideboard orange for a while now? Well this weekend I did and it came out great!


My inspiration image from Windsor Smith and photographer Mark Shaw. Someday I will own one of his photos!

windsor-smith-hb ORG7974_1284498214_1

The interior looks darker in these photos than it is- it’s bright Hermes orange- Benjamin Moore’s Racing Orange. Oh, and I’m still mad for the little hardware on this baby.

DSC_0564 DSC_0558

I scored a great snakeskin tray on One King’s Lane a couple weeks ago and it looks perfect on top!



  1. Looks fabulous – great job! I’ve always loved that Windsor Smith shot – such a wonderful elegant mix of traditional and modern! Not to mention orange is one of my favorite colors!

  2. … my first thought was wow: how beautiful (my office has the same bm orange in spots), and wow: where did she find the time for this 1 week before xmas… shopping must be all wrapped up! what finish id you choose for the interior?–deb

  3. Love that you have St Germain on your sideboard. It’s one of my favorites! Oh, and the sideboard is fantastic. Sorry, I got a little sidetracked. :)

  4. Love the orange, Erin!! Isn’t it amazing how a coat of paint can make a piece feel brand new?!? A simple change like that would make me rearrange the entire room just to freshen everything up.

  5. I just went to a cooking class this weekend where they featured cocktails with St. Germain – OMG. I couldn’t indulge because of a pregnancy, but I’m buying some as SOON as this kid is out. And I’m not even a cocktail person.

    Love the credenza and snake tray!

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