Design Crush: Estee Stanley

I read a fun interview with fashion stylist/interior designer Estee Stanley on Beautiful Stranger TV yesterday and was enchanted.  She really is doing it all (all that I want to do, at least) in not only creating beautiful west coast interiors but also dressing celebs for the red carpet and magazine shoots. Can anyone say “fun”?


Many of her residential clients are celebs- recall Amanda Peet’s , Claire Forlani’s and Rashinda Jones’ homes seen in Domino and Glamour? All done by Estee.

b4dd7_domino.peet DominoMag-AmandaPeetStaircase

DominoMag-AmandaPeetLivingRoom gasl_amanda_peet_08

gasl_amanda_peet_04 61018-6a00d83451c0f869e2012877647058970c-400wi-o


estee1 estee2


estee5 estee6

Some of her other residential projects are below. She had a very laid back, eclectic mix to her look.








Some of her red carpet hits:

estee17 estee20

estee18 estee22

estee19 estee21

She styles for magazines as well, both commercial type shoots:


And gorgeous fashion shoots:


And gets PAID to make Brad look this hot. I would pay them to let me do this. GAH!

estee26 estee25

She also styled Kelly Wearstler for her book! Talk about a divine collaboration!

estee30 estee29

estee31 estee32

WhatI want to know—HOW DOES SHE DO IT ALL????


  1. Wow, that’s amazing how much she does! And on top of that, those are some of my favorite rooms AND red carpet looks. She’s a styling machine!

  2. Hi Erin- Not sure why, but the pictures on your blog take FOREVER to load on my reader and on your blog site. I would say this is recent in the past month or two. None of the other blogs that I read are having this issue . Just wanted to let you know.

  3. I’ve got a design crush on her now too (oh and that photo of Brad…yum!)! She has a great sense of style…love her…adding her to my list of inspirations that include Mary McDonald, Windsor Smith, Kelly Wearstler…the list just goes on and on…Thanks for the pics today!

  4. She likely has a team to help in many, if not all aspects of her career/life. Realistically, a person can only do so much although some people have an amazing capacity for accomplishing a whole lot. Her work is beautiful, but so is yours. There’s only one of you, and clearly people appreciate your ‘brand’ that you’re building and the work you create. Thankfully, your work is different. I think we all like what you create and do because it’s gorgeous, but still accessible and understandable. I mean, recovering antique chairs? I can do that, just maybe not with Kravet fabric.

    Point being, her style is amazing, and her life looks really cool. But to many of us, so does yours!

  5. Erin,

    love you blog and read daily but did want to second the commenter who said the blog is taking forever to load- much more than any other that I frequent. Joni at CdT is picture heavy too but hers loads in no time at all. I’ve actually missed a few of yours b/c of it : (. You are delightful.

  6. I’m sure she must delegate a lot of it–that’s a given. But she hired the right people. What I like about the interior design is that she doesn’t have just one signature “look”. It’s all comfortable, real and approachable but there’s variety. I’d happily live in just about any of these rooms. And I would die to wear that green dress Lea Michelle is in! (Of course, I couldn’t actually be waked in it….that’d be a bit too much)

  7. Yeah- seriously- how DOES she do it all?! I can hardly handle what’s on my plate- not that I shoud lbe comparing:) Anyhow- amazing work!

  8. Thank You so much for sharing this. It’s not often that you get see such a cross section of style, design, and of course good old fashioned merchandising. Posts like this remind me why I love what I do.

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