Golden Globes Review

Where do I even begin? Let me set the scene for you–me and three gay men on my sofa, inhaling lasagna, cookies and wine and shouting at the tv. THAT was the highlight of this awkward, awful hot mess of a show. Filming my living room would have been more entertaining and better fashion (ooooooooh, snap).

A couple grand blanket statements before we get to the fashion:

1) Social Network was good, but not THAT GOOD. It was a movie, whereas Black Swan and King’s Speech were films. And what was with all Mark Zuckerberg brown nosing??? The Swan was robbed.

2) Ricky Gervais is hilarious, but he was walking a fine line that made us all look at each other with slight cringes and looks of “was that funny offensive or just offensive?) We were pretty sure Angelina was going to request a goblet of his blood be delivered to her table after his opening Tourist jokes.

3) The best moment of the night was hearing the way TIlda Swinton said “Pillars of the Earth”. It was repeated many, many times by our peanut gallery  “Who wants more wine?” was answered with”The Pillllaaaarrs….of…..the….Eaaaaaaarrrrrrtttthhhhh” Still laughing.

4) Did anyone else find Robert DeNiro’s speech to be really strange??

5) I want to start a petition for Robert Downey Jr. to host the Oscars.

OK, enough of that, let’s get to what was the worst red carpet EVER. No really, ever. A sea of the same colors and lots of unflattering cuts made me think it was 1987 all over again.

There were a couple I liked so we”ll start with those:

Claire Danes looked classy, radiant and beautiful in this hot pink Calvin Klein. I love the cut, the color and the way it fits her. I may have done a bigger earring, but overall I thought she looked amazing (and her interaction with the real Temple Grandin brought some tears)

Emma Stone wowed us- in fact from far away I thought it was Kate Bosworth. Her simple gown in that gorgeous coral color was magnificent…but again, a dramatic earring or bracelets would have made this look super WOW. I am all for understated but a little glam matched with something simple makes a look memorable.

Eva Longoria looked classic, sexy and is queen of making dresses look like they were painted on her. I feel like we kind of have seen this look on her before, but the girl is going through some drama so playing it a tad safe is fine…especially when you look this good doing it.

Hailey is only 14 years old and yet she looked more elegant than a lot of the veterans did! Love that she wore a youthful ponytail with the gorgeously simple dress.

Piper Perabo was nominated for some show I’ve never heard of. I can’t help but think of “Coyote Ugly” when I see her. This was the only use of a big bow that looked quite elegant. Her hair and makeup were fabulous.

There’s a lot going on with the pleating and ruffles on this dress, but otherwise I love Kyra’s choice of color paired with the green/turquoise earring and again, a ponytail! I think she looks comfortable, happy and fun.

Speaking of color, I loved Amy Adams’ deep blue gown. A bit too many ruffles for this gal, but overall she looked lovely.

Sofia Vergara always looks so va-va-voom and in this red number she certainly….filled it out!  But I feel like she should try something subdued and darker next time, like this ombre Lhuillier.

Now moving into the “so-so” category where things almost went right- along with the dresses I would have picked for these stars.

Olivia Wilde looked like a princess in her Marchesa (a bit much, but pretty)- and I loved the color and detail of it- but then when she lifted up her skirt to show off her Laboutins it ruined it for me. First of all, you gown has metallic silver on it, so wear silver shoes, plus, the studs and tough silhouette of this shoe is ALL WRONG.

I would have put Olivia in this Reem Acra- the color would make her eyes pop and with some amazing earrings and SIMPLE shoes she would look young but so elegant.

Up next is Anne Hathaway- this look was SO CLOSE but you will never get me on board with puffy sleeves and shoulder pads. If this dress had sleek shoulders it would have been my favorite.

I would have loved to see Annie in something equally sleek but less trendy, like this Monique Lhullier

Julie Bowen’s dress washed her out so much and she’s such a wonderfully funny woman. A smidge of color might have brightened things up for her.

Mila Kunis is so beautiful and while her dress was lovely, I thought ti was a bit stiff for her. I’d have loved to see her in this bright Lanvin number with movement and flow!

Now for the things I REALLY didn’t like:

Leighton Meester is too young for this grandma looking dress!!! I’d love to see her in a youthful Lhuillier (sans tights!) with her hair up, big earrings and killer heels (perhaps with a small print on them?)

Angelina looked like she raided the wardrobe from the Golden Girls! Those shoulder pads! I know she loves draping so I’d love to see her in something like this:

Enough with the ball gowns Lea Michelle- loosen up, like with this bold but sleek David Meister.

Halle Berry is the HOTNESS- but she didn’t need to shove it in our faces with this stripper inspired dress. I’d love to see her show off her killer figure in something formfitting but more elegant!

Oh boy. I adore Natalie, but this dress was the woooooorst. That applique with the stem and the cheap looking pink satin? Totally not at all what I thought she would wear! I can;t imagine being pregnant and having to dress for the Globes but I also love when a woman shows off her bump instead of hides it under flowing layers or does something short and adorable. I think Natalie looked her best when she wore that black lace dress with her cropped hair way back in the day and so I can imagine she would look so chic in this Valentino with a huge, blingy statement necklace.

Sandra is awesome, but this look was so…strange! The dress may have looked better with sleek hair and those bangs out of her eyes! She looked like a sheepdog. I think it would be fun for Sandra to wear this hippie-ish Elie Saab!

Don’t get me started on these daisies. I cannot believe she wore this after that amazeballs yellow dress years ago! I would have rather she did something short and shimmery like this Valentino!

January tried a little too hard with the Versace. We know you have boobs, no need to put them on display like that! I know she likes to take a risk, but this elegant Jason Wu would be a tasteful way to do it.

J.Lo. That cape? That silvery white eyeshadow? BIG bomb. She’s at her best when she keeps it sexy but simple- like with this deep plunge Halston. With big earrings, bangles and some metallic sparky heels I’d love it!

Heidi looked ridiculous in this Marc Jacobs mess. She glows on her own but this heavily beaded gemstone gown with some sleek hair would have been traffic stopping on her!

Nicole Kidman was SO boring in her vanilla Prada. Wouldn’t she look a little looser (especially since she stopped the Botox) and amazing in a skirt and top combo like this?

And the WORST of the night- Scarlett. What happened??? This is not what you wear after you’ve kick a man like Ryan Reynolds out of bed and served him divorce papers (see Eva Longoria for how to do it right). This whole thing was a disaster. She is such a gorgeous woman, why, why, why?

See a resemblance tot he bride of Frankenstein?

I think she should have gone with old school glamour like this sequin Elie Saab or Oscar de La Renta- sleek golden curls and a nice glow would make her look as stunning as she actually is!

And the most jaw dropping person at the Globes….killer suit, smile and smoldering stare. Edwaaaaaaard:)

What did you think?


  1. I HATED Emma Stone’s hair. She’s such a cute redhead and I was sad to see that she’d dyed her hair a hideous shade of Elmer’s glue. And poor Michelle Williams looked like a frumpy housewife who got invited at the last minute and had to improvise with a hot glue gun and her beige slip. She isn’t even standing up straight!

    Amy looked beautiful! Love her in deep blues and greens. And Claire is so pretty and elegant. A far cry from her awkward ugly crier years.

    Love your alternate choices. I’ll give you a call to style me if I become famous. :)

  2. erin you totally made my dayyy with this recap! this is a huge downside to living in italy – missing important events. people have said it before and i will say it again, can you become a stylist too? haha!

  3. i think the surprising thing about emma stone is that her hair is actually naturally blonde, not red. But i wish she’d stayed a redhead too!

  4. I love fashion, so, although I’m not a big awards show person, I did try to watch the Golden Globe red carpet show last night. But given the boisterous football fest that was going on in the apartment above me and the painfully inane nattering of the E commentators, I couldn’t make it past the first few minutes. I escaped to the sanctuary of my bedroom with Water for Elephants (amazing, btw) confident that I could rely on you, Erin, and Huffington Post for a comprehensive recap and slide show today.

    The awful dresses certainly stood out more than the successful ones I guess, and that may speak to your comment about this being the most disappointing red carpet ever if the only wow moments were negative ones.

    I really liked two outfits and the rest are a blur. Emma Stone was my favorite. I didn’t mind that she didn’t have bling. She has a dazzling smile and the metallic clutch was the perfect complement to her dress. I loved Olivia Wilde’s dress. I thought she could have used a simple string of dangling diamonds for earrings, but really her look was great. As for the shoes, well I guess she figured no one was going to see them anyway and she wore them to amuse herself.

    I saw Sandra Bullock and cringed. She just looked like she would rather be anywhere else than there. What is with that hair? I agree with you, if she had done something a bit more, well, done then the outfit would have been fine.

    Those horrible daisies? Ugh. Poor thing will never live those down.

    And everyone who wore that awful green. Blech. I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone looks good in that color and it makes me think of the slime from Ghostbusters.

    If the point of this whole red carpet parade is for the designers to showcase their best work and for the stars to draw attention to themselves, and presumably their work, then there were a few winners and a few big losers and mostly just a bunch of blah. I almost hate to admit that I don’t know who half of the actresses are anyway. To examine the whole spectacle as voyeurism writ large is an interesting thought, but one that requires more time and space than a blog comment.

    Now, I am working on an entire blog post about Helena Bonham Carter if anyone cares to visit Cloud of Chaos later today. ;)

  5. I actually loved Anne Hathaway’s dress. That low back! Love. And the clean lines of Claire Danes and Emma Stone’s dresses were a much needed break from the rest of the horrid-ness! The second Michelle Williams stepped out in that daisy concoction I almost wept. I hold her at such high standards due to that lovely deep yellow dress she wore at the 2006 Oscars. How did she look in the mirror and think that was okay? I am so baffled….

  6. Tacky tacky tacky. I don’t think they look at themselves in the mirror, just look at the name of the designer. On the other hand, money doesn’t equal class, right Halle. Love your choices, especially for Nicole Kidman.

    Piper is my favorite. Hair and make-up is beautiful. Her show, Covert Affairs, is pretty good.

  7. ooooh, so many agreements + disagreements w/ you:

    LOVE #5. his time on stage were some of my favorite minutes of the entire show. he shops at my husband’s store + apparently is super friendly every visit. love knowing that about certain celebs. #2 though, not offensive. ever. purely hysterical.

    claire danes + emma stone were 2 of my 3 favorites of the night (mila kunis being 3rd). disagree on the big earring for emma though. it’s calvin klein!! sleek + clean is the name of the game. it was backless, so the focus really should be there + on the cut + color. i don’t think it needed a drop more.

    loved kyra sedgwick too. i think she’s continually underrated. that color + the fun earrings were really refreshing.

    i need to be olivia wilde’s stylist. she’s my girl crush, but never delivers for how gorgeous she is! never ever.

    i hate lea michelle. hate is a strong word but every time i see her face, i want to punch it. she annoys me to noooo end. so no surprise, she always looks like a poodle to me. i hated her blue oscar de la renta + poofy hair at the emmys + i hated this look.

    january jones is on contract w/ versace as she’s the face of their ad campaign, so i don’t know how much say she had in what she wore. it’s a bit boob-y to me, but i actually like it overall.

    scarjo copied rose byrne’s hair from the emmys! both failures.

  8. I could not agree with your assessment more! Claire Danes was far and away my favorite and wasn’t she so adorable when she described why she picked that dress!?!

    Robert DeNiro’s speech was awkward and awful. Did you see the face he gave Matt Damon when he said he thought by many to be the best actor in the world. Robert Downey Jr. for next year for sure, I’ll help you petition!

    To me, Michelle Williams and Halley Berry were the worst. Both are so adorable and I couldn’t believe when I saw them wearing these choices!

  9. Well, I do have to disagree with you on the Social Network bit – I loved it! Aaron Sorkin’s script was fast & smart, David Fincher set each scene with a perfect amount of stress, Trent Reznor’s score was amazing and the actors (especially the 2 leads) were spot on and delivered excellent performances. The Marc Z love was probably because prior to the film coming out he was threatening to sue… I bet he got a nice chunk of the film’s profits.

    On to the fashion – OH MY GOD TERRIBLE. That’s all I kept saying. SO SO BAD. Michelle Williams was my biggest disappointment, she could have done so much better. Anne Hathaway & Amy Adams were so close but neither hit it out of the park (too much shoulder action and too much texture, respectively). Olivia Wilde needed to put her hair up or at least wear it in loose waves (despite having one of the best dresses of the night – not saying much), and ScarJo and Natalie were the worst. Natalie looked like a Valentine’s Day card, and ScarJo missed the memo about being the sexiest woman alive. Ugh. Totally disappointing. Hope the Oscars are better.

    I thought Brittany from Glee looked great in her sequined number, Claire Danes looked young and fresh, January Jones looked amazing (but WHOA hi breasts), agree that Emma Stone needed colorful statement jewelry (even an emerald cut emerald stud would have been nice), and I thought Kyra was the best of the night with the orange & turquoise combo.

    Love your picks, by the way. Especially the the Lanvin for Mila!

  10. OK – I didn’t watch much because it was on at same time as Downton Abbey (which I guess I could have DVR’d but didn’t). But I did catch a glimpse and have of course been reading all the round ups. Yours is the closest to my own opinions. Claire Danes is always the epitome of classic elegance but agree that she needed just a bit of bling. Same with Emma Stone who otherwise looked stunning, although I agree with Sara Jane, I don’t love her hair color. My other 2 favorites were Anne Hathaway, who should have had the puffs removed and Olivia Wilde (dress was just a tad too wide for me and hated the shoes).

  11. I agree with most! Although I really disliked Kyra and Amy Adams, and looooved Olivia Wilde, but I somehow missed the bizarro shoes. Halle, January and Michelle Williams were atrocious, and don’t get me started on Christina Aguillera!

  12. Claire Danes was the winner and Michelle Williams the loser (IMHO). And Ricky Gervais was hilarious, but I couldn’t tell if it was in good fun or if he was taking delight in getting to be mean. It reminded me of a roast.

  13. Ok Claire Danes looked beautiful but too flat. Emma stone looked grogeous but that hair color ages her.

    I love the clothes you picked for everyone! Did you see the dress I picked for natalie- gray alexander mcqueen. She would have killed it in something simple like that!

  14. And your blog takes so long to load. Mine does too sometimes. I also use wordpress. Who is hosting for you? I use godaddy and its an epic fail. I wish there was like a blog maintenance company that we could hire to run the techie stuff, beyond just designing it!

  15. Totally agree that:

    1) Robert Downey Jr should host
    2) Sandra Bullock looked like a sheepdog
    3) Natalie’s dress was a complete disservice to who she is, pregnant or not
    4) Scarlett was the worst dressed

    Overall, this was one of the worst-dressed awards events in recent history

  16. I appreciated seeing Natalie Portman wearing something that was less reveling. Being pregnant is difficult enough, but to be pregnant for the whole world to see must be impossible.. Wearing a tight binding garment that shows the world your belly might not be for everyone … I also think she looked beautiful in the pink with the red accents …

    As for Ricky Gervais, I applaud his humour loudly, in my opinion the “Hollywood ” types need some humility :)

  17. You nailed it, totally agree with your post and the styles you would have choosen. Love your blog, thanks!

  18. Hi. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for the past decade. It’s encouraging to see so many people weigh in about fashion, and to see excitement about high fashion on the red carpet. However, as someone who has worked on red-carpet gowns for the Oscars and Golden Globes, and with many celebs/VIPs (including those shown above), I’d urge people to remember that a lot of work goes into dressing these celebrities. It’s both a complex and hugely exciting thing for the brands whose dresses are worn. Stylists are only one part of the puzzle-there are countless consultations on color and fabric, a number of fittings done by tailors, shipping troubles faced by all parties, and phone calls and emails sent. It’s not brain surgery, but it is work, and I hope people can consider that. Celebrities ultimately want to feel that they’ve put their best face forward publicly, but they also want to feel good in what they wear. Everyone has different taste and we should celebrate it.

  19. love your break down and better options for the not so great looks. although i have to disagree on anne and mila – i loved their looks. natalie portman was definitely the biggest bomb of the night. she still looked beautiful, but the dress was SO disappointing.

  20. I actually liked Scarlett’s dress. Yes, it was bit granny for her and would’ve looked better on a 50 yrs old and up but she still looked radiant. Haha and I totally agree with you that this golden globes looked like something from the 80s. And J.Lo looked like she should be doing a triple axel in her ice skates.

  21. First let me start off with, why are you not a stylist? I love all of your suggestions and think you nailed it! I missed it last night, so I was excited to see your “review.” Did not love any dress. Julie Bowen’s would have been the best if it had more color (like you said). Always love your input and view on the red carpet!

  22. I agree with so much of what you said EXCEPT Emma Stone’s dress. I hated it on her. The color was wrong – her fake tan was almost the same color as the dress!

    LOVED Claire Danes and I thought Diana Agron (from Glee) looked absolutely beautiful, too (although I would ahve done her dress in a different color I think).

    RDJ can host anything and I’ll watch it – I love him!

    Scarlett Johansson looked like she wore her granny’s dress and Michelle William’s dress looked like it came off a K-Mart clearance rack.

    Everyone had better step it up for the Academy Awards!!

  23. I think it was truly touching that Natalie Portman did not go for the belly hugging “look at me” style of dress… She was demure and elegant. Being pregnant is not always easy, along with the changes going on in your belly there are skin issues hair issue not to mention the ups and downs emotionally.

    Kudos for Ms. Portman for daring to cover up and keeping her pregnancy as private as one in her position can.

    I also applaud Ricky Gervais; was anyone really surprised that did, what he does best?

  24. I was so disappointed in the Fashion last night! Really just felt their was so much wrong and not enough right.

    I thought Heather Morris form Glee looked lovely. I just can’t get over Claire Danes . . . I know this is wrong but her lack any chest what-s0-ever means that she always looks like a boy in girls clothing at these awards shows . . . I think she could take a few more risks . . . . her best moment was in the blue Narcisco Rodriquez many moons ago. On the flip side January Jones is always trying to push the envelope . . . but I don’t think she has what it takes to pull it off . . . her features are too classic . . . there is a reason she is Betty on Mad Men.

    I am praying to be more enthused at the SAG and Oscars coming up!

  25. Oooh, I love that you suggest better options! I totally agree that there was so much more WRONG fashion-wise last night than there was RIGHT, but what a constructive way to showcase it. Nice!

  26. You need to style these people! First of all, that was my exact comment about Scarlet. Secondly, you were way too kind to January. Emma Stone had my vote for best dressed. Gorgeous, unexpected, appropriate, and she wasn’t taking herself too seriously (it’s not the Oscars afterall and she wasn’t nominated for a drama). It absolutely KILLS me when the woman doesn’t “own” the dress—you know what I mean, when the dress wears her instead of the other way around? (i.e. Olivia). BTW, what the hell did Tilda have on? I mean she could wear a shower curtain and still look great, but that just didn’t do it for me.

  27. I’m pretty sure Michelle Williams borrowed that dress from Matilda. She looks so FRUMPY and I’m really surprised the pregnancy rumors aren’t floating around after that catastrophe. I think Anne looked bangin’ but I agree with the ruffled sleeves and I am OBSESSED with the outfit you picked for Nicole Kidman. I also would have ripped those clip on bangs right off of Sandra.

  28. Erin you are just too cute-but the Blck Swan was the WORST “acclaimed” movie “film” I think I have ever seen! EVER! but do agree with you..where was the bam fashion:)

  29. I completely agree wih you Erin but thought Eva “chesty-la-rue” longoria and classy shouldn’t be used in the same sentence ;). Otherwise the dress was pretty. Also forgot Diana argon from glee who absolutely glowed! Really shocking how celebrities with so many options end up choosing some of these looks, think their stylists are over thinking it!

  30. I agree with you on ALL accounts! I was shocked that social network won so many awards. Also totally surprised that Emma Stone was nominated for Easy A… I’m embarrassed that I actually saw that movie in the theaters. It was beyond awful. Was Sandra trying to channel Lara Flynn Boyle? Natalie looked like she picked up that dress at the mall on the way to the awards. She could have showed off her bump and looked great instead of looking like she was wearing a silk sheet.
    Loved your review! I will sign your petition for Robert Downey Jr.

  31. You hit it spot on. (except for Anne Hathaway- I liked her puffy sleeves and all)

    I think we should start a petition to get you styling some celebs.

  32. I loved both Claire and Emma. I WANT EMMA’S DRESS for myself but I would have so sported it with bigger statement earrings. Scarjo’s dress was beautiful but too mature for her.. would have prefered to have seen it on Hellen Miren. Olivia’s Wild’s dress in huge in person. We have the bridal version in our store and it’s magnificent but ENORMOUS. Natalie Portman’s dress was cute but that 3d flower made me barf… then I heard you guys comapare her to a valentines card.. halarious.
    I second that signing of the petition for Robert Downey Jr. He’s soo cute.
    Robert De Niro made me scratch my head.

    Your choices were spot on.

  33. Lots of time and effort on this fabulous post.

    I agree with all the comments you made., especially the suggestion for
    Miss Kidman.


  34. yes, de niros speech was TOO weird. i was like ‘shut up’ enough already.

    and i actually loved natalie and sandra’s looks! but i was shocked when i saw scarjo–she should have pulled a reese witherspoon when we first saw her after her split with ryan.

  35. totally agree with you on ALL counts !!
    Sandra B looked like a sad sack – who the heck dressed her!
    Curious who Rachel Zoe dressed this year !!

  36. Erin, you really should be a stylist. You made perfect choices for each celebrity.

    I have to admit, RObert Pattinson outshown them all – women & men alike!!!! He looked stunning and his Gucci suit was incredible!!!

  37. Totally agree! I wanted to love Anne Hathaway’s dress, but it was a bit much for me. And I thought Emma Stone and Claire Danes looked great. Great wrap-up!!

  38. Erin, I love your comments, why are you not styling these women?

    I am surprised no one has made mention of the atrocious “illusion” back on Anne’s dress… if you’re going to go backless, you better go backless. just saying…

  39. WOW – you are so good. Your picks were perfect! I so wish Anne Hathaway had worn the colour you suggested, it would have been a knockout. Amazing that with all that goes in to choosing, fitting, and accessorizing these ladies (as a poster mentioned above) it can still be so boring or worse!

  40. Wow! These women ought to give you a call before the next awards show! Your choices for them were perfection.

  41. Erin, I totally agree with EVERY comment you made, and I laughed out loud at most of them. :) Plus, I am TOTALLY with you in wanting Robert Downey, Jr. to host the Oscars. Have you written the petition yet? If so, I’ll sign it! The fact that Anne Hathaway and James Franco are hosting makes zero sense! If witty and adorable Robert hosted, I can guarantee that a lot more people would watch (the entire 3-hour event!)

  42. I just read this post (sorry, I’m a bit late!) and am BLOWN AWAY by your style suggestions! To me, the gowns you suggested the stars should wear on the red carpet (instead of what they did at the Golden Globes) were spot-on. Have you ever considered becoming a fashion stylist? Seriously, you should!

  43. I was totally on board with every single statement you made, until we got to Robert Pattinson… I just don’t get it. I think he appears to have a very slight case of down syndrome. *shrugs*

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