Last Night I Dreamt of Paris

I did. It was lovely. I think I was lost somewhere in the Marais and just wandering around. Much better than my more recent dreams of being chased and killed thanks to the book I’m reading. I awoke and felt like looking around at French interiors and remembered that always carefully curated The Paris Apartment boutique.  Chock full of magnificent examples of Parisian style, both old and new. Check out some of these finds!

Lovely lucite chairs blending old style with new materials.

Some days I really think an ornate headboard like this would suit me.

Classic chairs and even more classic stripes.


Double amazeballs.

I am almost blind from the insane beauty of these antique doors!!!!! Can you imagine getting to put these in your home???

Lucite hardware and the coolest little phone there ever was. This out styles my Crackberry by tenfold.

That bench needs a home with me. So do those dining chairs.

A little Marie Antoinette ring tray. J’adore.

I could not love the note from Marilyn preserved in this tray any more! Love her.


  1. Love, love, love this post. I actually just booked my plane ticket to Paris for my 30th Birthday last week! Totally adore the Marilyn ring tray, I NEED it in my life!

  2. Are you reading Hunger Games, by any chance? (c; J’adore, also. All of it really wants to come live at my house with me. Especially that second headboard, so much perfection, it hurts!

  3. LOVE IT ALL!!! Especially swooning over the Marilyn tray…I love my girl Marilyn! Would also like to have the Marie Antoinette ring tray, definitely those doors – LOVE and the headboard and classic chairs. Ahhhhh such style and beauty!

  4. I’ve been dying to find a piece of furniture worthy of the lucite knobs you shared…they’ve been in my inspiration file for awhile now!

  5. you really have me feeling sick and missing paris.
    i LOVE this post.
    the door ways – arched filled with mirror are absolutely fabulous.
    i want to find something that grand
    and do the same


  6. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love those chandeliers. Head over heels. Amazeballs times a million. I wouldn’t even know where to hang them, as I have the teeniest apartment ever, but I don’t care.

  7. I went to an art museum last weekend and it never fails me how elegant and intricate even the smallest French things are. A snuff box looked like a masterpiece. A snuff box! Not to mention some of the incredibly detailed furniture.

  8. Ahhhh, sigh. I was in Paris for a week in December. I rented a small apartment in the Marais and spent hours upon hours upon hours walking thru the parks and beautiful streets of the city. NYC is great, but nothing beats Paris….

  9. I dream of Paris all the time. I also blog about my love of it all the time, it seems…le sigh!

    Those pieces are amazing (those DOORS!!). And that note from Marilyn – absolument marrant!

  10. love this….I am going to think about Paris all evening in the hopes of dreaming about it too. Those doors are amazing.

    Whenever I think about moving back to South Africa from the UK I freak out about missing France.

    Maybe I ought to think about moving to France instead?

    For right this minute though, I am going to hunt down that Marilyn Monroe tray. And have some champers in an effort to be gayer.


  11. Erin,

    I am currently in Paris visiting and the only word to constantly describe it is… AMAZEBALLS. You hit it dead on. Love this post!

  12. I would LOVE to know where that long table is, the first “amazeballs” :) it’s just gorgeous and I would love it in my bedroom! Thank you for the inspiration for my new apartment!

  13. Simply amazing. Everything about this post. Thanks a lot for beautiful pictures, I cannot even describe how much I like this style. The classic chairs, especially. Makes me want to fly to Paris right now.

  14. Where did you find that gorgeous gold ornate tufted headboard? Is it for sale? If so, where?? I have been looking for one forever! Please let me know!

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