Street Style Stars

Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist is without a doubt the king of blogging. His “street style” blog has created an entire new trend in blogging, photography and fashion. This video is fabulous if you have interest in Scott and his work…

His photos are the most inspiring for me fashion wise- while some are incredibly fashion forward and too extreme for this Boston gal- some give the best tips on layering, haircuts, makeup and make you feel inspired and like taking a risk is a fabulous, life affirming thing to do.

Like cut my hair like Olivia Palermo, or buy a warm poncho….

Find THESE BOOTS and consider leopard print a neutral….

His girlfriend is the equally influential Garance Dore who I simply ADORE to pieces. What a couple! She is funny, witty and insanely talented.  Recently she stayed at the House Hotel in Istanbul (a place I never would have know about otherwise) and just look at the incredible interiors! It makes me even more desirous of a Chesterfield sofa!!!!


  1. Did you cut your hair?!?!?!?! Can’t wait to see! I too am obsessed with this amazing couple. Garance did a great series on how she ended up being a photographer. I just adore her. Off to Vegas today. Can’t wait to get back and move into the studio! Feb is going to be amazing! See you soon.

  2. Hi Erin,
    gorgeous subdued colors at the House Hotel…
    and the Satorialist is by far the most influential person in
    apparel right now, imho..
    good finds..

  3. I am in love with The Sartorialist! I’ve cribbed from his site on more than one occasion to point out a fun look that I like. In fact, that photo of the polka dot dress and leopard print shoes was one of my recent faves. I think we in Boston could stand to take a card from his deck and be a bit more playful.

    Thanks for the introduction to Garance! I’ll have to pay more attention to her from now on.

  4. that video made me run outside with my camera! here in italy everyone takes risks à la leopard heels and it’s so refreshing to see! love his work!

  5. hi erin!

    love your it daily :-)
    it seems you too are in LOVE with leopard… on chairs, rugs and especially shoes! just got the cutest peep toe pumps from my hubby on Chrsitmas morning (i may have tipped him off on them! ;)

    any chance you know who makes the fab leopard pumps above??? they are a MUST HAVE!

    thanks and keep on doing what you are doing. great stuff :-)

  6. There is so much to love in this post – the gorgeous hotel – Olivia – a handsome man – but most importantly a ridiculously inspiring video. I have visited the sartorialist but I am not a follower (that will surely change after this). There is truly nothing better in the world than seeing someone who followed their passion and now has a job that allows them to really do what they love for a living.

    Thank you for sharing this – I’ve watched it three times in a row now.

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