1. Okay…so you made me laugh out loud! I have been whining to my husband a lot lately and he reminds me that I live in the South. I know you must be tired of it becuae I am SO over it! It snowed again yesterday but didn’t stick. Have a drink on me:}

  2. Somehow I knew that you would have a great way of expressing my feelings today (as I am also in Boston). Thanks – I like starting my day with a laugh! I hear ya!

  3. Send it to me!! It’s positively depressing that we’ve had next to no snow this entire year. It snowed for about the first time two days ago and I was ECSTATIC. And now it’s melted.

  4. UGGGGHHHH! My feelings exactly. I really can’t deal with any more cold, snow or ugly in my life. Ugly weather, ugly outdoors, ugly clothes to wear in the crappy weather. It’s all just too much! I really am hoping for an early Spring…we’ll see. Until I’ll be daydreaming of warm settings and beautiful colorful interiors :)

  5. Live in Framingham…..just a hop, skip and a jump from you. I don’t drink, but I am thinking of starting.

  6. Um, I have over 1000 posts in my reader at the moment (who knows how many more, the counter stops at 1000+) and am zooming through them tonight. However, when I saw this one I busted out laughing and had to stop and comment. I could not have written that better myself – as I sit here wrapped in 2 blankets sipping scotch. Summer – where ARE you??

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