What the….

When  saw this pic of Anne Hathaway I simply shook my head. That’s a lie, I shrieked and emailed my girlfriend with a subject line of “WTF” and then a “I don’t know if I have enought time to discuss all that is wrong with this outfit…” It always AMAZES me when gorgeous, rich stars dress like THIS.  You have every possible beautiful garment at your fingertips and the advice of stylists the world over and then rock those loafers! With white socks! And those leggings! And the glasses! I love you Anne, but really?

Argggghhhh. I like to think that if I were famous and had wheelbarrows of money I’d even have fabulous sweatpants (because you can’t always go out looking photo ready).


  1. Clearly, everything else that went with those loafers (if anything ever could) was at the dry cleaners. Alternatively, it could be a “walk of shame” outfit. Boyfriend’s shirt, socks, loafers, hat, coat….and her party pants from last night.

  2. Swap out the hideous pleather leggings for cute cuffed jeans, ditch the socks, the glasses, and the hat, swap out the ratty peacoat for a sleek trench, and do SOMETHING (anything!) with the hair and she’d look classy and gamine. I swear, pleather pants are the bane of every starlet’s existence.

  3. In her defense, it looks like this was snapped in a parking garage. Maybe she wasn’t planning on seeing the light of day (garage to garage) so had no reason to make the outfit “photo-ready.” On the other hand, I do agree with you–a fabulous pair of sweats or even a not-so-fabulous pair of jeans would be better than this. I’m just a housewife, and I try harder at the grocery store.

  4. I feel like some of these stars go out of their way to purposely dress like crazy bag ladies sometimes. I guess they think they are impervious to looking completely ridiculous. I couldn’t even dream up an outfit like that to wear as I run out of my house to check my mailbox….

  5. It looks like something Mary-Kate Olsen might wear! I like when Anne Hathaway wears more polished looks, I feel like they suit her more.


  6. I was just thinking how she has come so far sartorially speaking, and then this!! What a bad decision on all fronts. She usually looks so chic. And to the poster above me, I just checked out your blog and I love it! I like in LA as well and have been to all the same places you have, I love your take on hot pink and your cafe reviews. I’m going to Beechwood tonight because of you. Good job. And Erin, fantastic blog as always. i swoon for the leopard stairs!!!

  7. She looks a little like Johnny Depp in one of his weird phases. What a mess! I can’t wait to see what they say about it on gofugyourself.com.

  8. Oh well, stars ARE just like us…they get out of bed, throw something on, no makeup and catch a flight – though, I admit I would dress properly and put on some face paint!! you never know who you might meet?? Anne grew up 2 streets over from me in New Jersey and went to my high school – though she is quite a few years behind me!!!

  9. Wtf is right sister, it was my initial reaction as soon as the picture loaded…I actually thought she had on those xray glasses…does she? I’m utterly befuddled! Gag, someone please pass the vodka, and keep it coming we have a ton to analyze here ;)

  10. Umm…. First of all, WHO said that fashion is wearing what a certain someone thinks is beautiful? Fashion is self expression. And simply because it does not hit with some , I bet my head off, there is another – equal or larger half, that does not read this particular blog, that is applauding and thinking she looks awesome ( and at the same time thinking that animal print clothing is ridiculous :)), So that’s one.
    Two – go , Ann! how about enough listening to who said what and doing what she likes? Just because one is FAMOUS does not mean that one MUST. LISTEN. ALWAYS. Being a royalty is “fun” to some, but by far not as easy at it seems. Everyone deserves freedom. Less criticism and more open minds, and the world would be much easier to live in. Just sayin’.

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