FashionJanuary 11, 2011

What the….

When  saw this pic of Anne Hathaway I simply shook my head. That’s a lie, I shrieked and emailed my girlfriend with a subject line of “WTF” and then a “I don’t know if I have enought time to discuss all that is wrong with this outfit…” It always AMAZES me when gorgeous, rich stars dress like THIS.  You have every possible beautiful garment at your fingertips and the advice of stylists the world over and then rock those loafers! With white socks! And those leggings! And the glasses! I love you Anne, but really?

Argggghhhh. I like to think that if I were famous and had wheelbarrows of money I’d even have fabulous sweatpants (because you can’t always go out looking photo ready).

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