Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Valentine’s Day is FAST approaching. I used to say I hated it because I felt like it was a lot of pressure and expectation and frankly, that it wasn’t cool to dig it- but you know what? I LOVE Valentine’s Day! Pink and red and love abound? People declaring their feelings and being all googly-eyed with each other? What’s not to love?  Here are some gift ideas for her and for him- things that you would love to get, not slutty underwear that remains in your drawer until you have to do laundry so badly your forced to wear it and pray to God it’s not the day you get in a car accident and everyone sees it.

See, I’m so romantic.

The rules growing up were that Vday gifts had to be love, chocolate, jewelry or floral related or be pink or red. I still adhere to these rules. Look for the High Gloss Vday gift guide I put together in this week’s newsletter for even more awesome gift ideas- go here to sign up to get it!

For Her:

1. “ILY” earrings 2.Champagne Truffles (amazeballs) 3.polka dot champagne glasses 4. red cheetah tray 5. doily tee 6.necklace

7.underthings 8.wallet 9. bookends 10. silhouette note cards 11.earrings

For Him:

1.shirt 2.tie 3.socks 4.funny cards 5.Swanson Vineyards wine 6.Team M&M’s 7.Marriage chocolate bar 8. St. Andrews playing cards


  1. Love the bookends and the earrings (have been campaigning for agate bookends for awhile now!) Also, I am a huge fan of funny cards versus sappy and romantic. I think my post today is proof :)

    Happy Monday!

  2. The bookends and the lingerie!! Can’t. Contain. Excitement.

    But I don’t think I could ever give a guy that tie…. it would be such a turn-off to watch him wear it. The diagonal stripes with those colors and the thin white spacing stripes. Ugh!

  3. Love the “team m&m’s”, and just about everything else. I know I may be the only one who doesn’t like the heart doily tee, but it looks like a face to me and it kind creeps me out. Sorry! Anyway, love all your round ups, they are so much fun.

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